Producing results is what defines us.

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Today’s athletes and clients have more diverse aspirations and goals than ever before. These individuals deserve a new generation of trainers. Trainers who are able to help them achieve and sustain the active lifestyles they desire.

 Thankfully, the craft of personal training has come a long way from the days of gym politicians, rep counters, and glorified drill sergeants.Through decades of work we have evolved into respectable educators who firmly believe in functional anatomy, human movement science, and unwavering work ethic.

 At The Gym of Avon we offer just the right balance of exercise physiology, research and the art of coaching to build and refine the complete athlete, professional and individual.



Each session within The Gym of Avon’s private studio you can expect to be one of only two clients in the gym. Facility owners Brigham and Lindsey take clients through a guided 45-minute session, utilizing top level equipment paired with old school mainstays.

 Post-workout, the coaches aid clients in actively stretching fatigued muscles to prompt the recovery process. If included in your program, the trainers will have a fresh smoothie, ready for each client upon completion. From the warm-up right down to the music, this team delivers a personalized training experience.



At The Gym of Avon we work to establish a community of better health, with the strong belief that our philosophy will change the way people view overall fitness and well-being.

 Many individuals approach working out as an opportunity to break the body down so that it can rebuild itself stronger. This has been proven necessary in multiple areas of fitness. Consequently, we have found both personally and professionally that the problems lie not in the overall method, but in the details of this system. Are we breaking down our bodies too much? Not enough? Or even the right way at all?

 The Gym of Avon designs personalized fitness programs that focus on making each member healthier, stronger, more flexible, and leaner. We believe that being fit isn’t a hobby, it’s a lifestyle, and our plan is to get you there.

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