BRIGHAM VAN ETTEN, Body Composition & Performance Specialist

Brigham is the architect. The Gym of Avon™ exists today due to his relentless dedication to a simple belief: There is always room for growth. A true advocate for bettering himself and those around him, personal training was never a choice for Brigham, it is a lifestyle. With this philosophy he believes there are no problems, only solutions. Proclaiming there is always more to learn and living it are not one in the same. Brigham does not proclaim, he lives. He is truly the definition of the growth model. After his time as a NCAA Division I athlete ended, Brigham spent years honing his craft as a personal trainer. He engulfs professional literature along with any scientific journal he can get his hands on. There is no end to his growth, and he works to instill this same attitude in each of his clients. At an early age Brigham understood that he had the choice to become whatever he wanted. He has chosen to live an active and healthy lifestyle. In his mind a passion for bettering oneself is the first step towards achieving one’s personal goals. Again there is no proclamation here. For Brigham, this is life.


LINDSEY VAN ETTEN, Body Composition & Performance Specialist

Pair a business mind with relentless determination and a force to be reckoned with is created. The Gym of Avon™ possesses this driving force, and her name is Lindsey. For Lindsey, a lifetime of athletic competition has developed into a passion for health and fitness. After dabbling in other professions, it became impossible for Lindsey to ignore her true calling as a fitness trainer. Lindsey began to realize that helping clients achieve their health and fitness goals was a labor of love. That same level of competition she had sought out her entire life in sports and in the business world is now harnessed through her training. Unlike the business world however, the result of her efforts changes peoples’ lives and at the end of the day everyone wins. Personal training is a calling for Lindsey that breeds a true enthusiasm for life, and she is able to unlock that enthusiasm in each of her clients on a daily basis. Whatever your health and fitness goals may be, Lindsey is there to set the pace and add an extra dose of encouragement whenever possible. At The Gym of Avon™, Lindsey is able to make your fitness goals a fun and productive process.


CONNOR VAN ETTEN, Body Composition & Performance Specialist

The start of Connor’s fitness journey began long before The Gym of Avon. For over a decade, sports and athletics have been at the core of his life. Progressing from a three-sport athlete in high school to competing in college club sports, Connor has made fitness and motion the center of his world. These experiences in sport and competition triggered a natural evolution into training others. Connor takes on this role at The Gym of Avon as an opportunity to share with others his passion for overall fitness and health.  A life-long learner himself, Connor graduated in the top 10% of his class at Kent State University in exercise science and pre-physical therapy. The combination of working towards entry into a Doctor of Physical Therapy Program, and spending several years working in the medical field have allowed Connor to understand how the body works. This knowledge transfers perfectly into the practice of training others by aiding in not only fitness improvements, but also injury prevention. His attention to detail and overall dedication to helping a client reach peak performance makes him an incredible asset to The Gym of Avon Team.