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3 Reasons Resistance Training Drops Pounds

Traditionally, steady-state aerobic exercise has been the front "runner" when it comes to dropping pounds. There is no denying that running, cycling or using the elliptical will move the scale. But, is it the best method for improving body composition (fat mass:muscle mass)? The following list contains a few science backed reasons of why resistance training will get you bathing suit ready!

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Secrets To Fighting Stubborn Thigh Fat & Cellulite

With shorts and bathing suit season here, our clients all seem to ask the same question! Grabbing their legs, they askhow do I get rid of cellulite!?

Magazines and television programs promote creams and magical formulas to smooth away the fat and cellulite, but after dealing with these troubles myself I have developed a routine that with a little, time, dedication and proper dieting, has delivered results. 

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5 Lifestyle Habits for Max Results in Minimum Time!


One of the biggest roadblocks that stand between trainees and their goals is consistency! The importance of being consistent is what makes building muscle and losing fat one of the hardest things around. You're pretty much working towards your goal 24/7 and if you're not doing something positive, then you're most likely doing something negative!

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Cardio Exercises That Burn Lots Of Calories


A study at Harvard University revealed that a 185-pound male can burn close to 400 calories over the course of a 30-minute row! This averages out to around 13 calories per minute, thats some efficient work right there!

Indoor rowing is a great total body trainer because you need to utilize the arms, legs and back for efficient strokes. Want to burn even more calories while rowing? Check out The Gym of Avon's blog; 6 Hacks To Burn More Calories While Rowing.

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Shed Belly Fat With This Routine

The plan remains the same - start moving and eat better- is still the best way to shed belly fat! However, there are also ways to expedite the process through strength training and high intensity intervals!

Compelling research has revealed that the bestmethod for shedding belly fat is to perform short bursts of intense exercise. The bright side is that this style of training does not require you to spend hours a day killing yourself in the gym. If done correctly, you can achieve dramatic fat loss through less than an hour in the gym, 3-days per week!

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