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What Is The Best Diet Ever?

Trust me,  I wish there was a clear-cut answer to which is the best diet ever for losing fat and building muscle. Hate to be the bearer of bad news but there is without a doubt no best diet for everyone! The fact is, humans have evolved to do well with all different kinds of diets; paleo, vegan, high carb or plant based.

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Secrets To Fighting Stubborn Thigh Fat & Cellulite

With shorts and bathing suit season here, our clients all seem to ask the same question! Grabbing their legs, they askhow do I get rid of cellulite!?

Magazines and television programs promote creams and magical formulas to smooth away the fat and cellulite, but after dealing with these troubles myself I have developed a routine that with a little, time, dedication and proper dieting, has delivered results. 

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The Simplest Diet Plan You'll Ever See

When it comes to weight loss, there's one law that cannot be avoided: You have to burn more calories than you eat! You can do this through a solid diet plan, exercise and dozens of other ways. It doesn't need to be complicated though, case in point: The eating plan that follows. This plan is designed to reduce your daily intake by trading empty-calorie fare that you're likely to binge on, in favor of whole foods that fill you up! End result, you'll lose that gut without feeling like you're starving. 

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Want To Lose Fat For The Summer?

With summer swiftly approaching it is the perfect time to crack down, lose fat and make health a priority! When the weather is warm, produce is abundant and the beach is waiting…it’s much easier to stay motivated!

The good news is, that you still have more than enough time to get the body you want to show off! Here are ten tips that can be immediately implemented for sustainable summer fat loss!

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Tips To Make Low Carb Living Work For You!

The Gym of Avon has news for you: low fat, calorie restrictive dieting is the "flat-earth theory" of human nutrition! Whether you're searching for a practical weight loss program, simply want to eat better, or are already a committed low-carber looking for ways to make the lifestyle work for you, these 10 tips will help reveal secrets to sticking with a healthy, controlled carb program!

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Fish Oil: Fight Fat With Fat

By now we’re all familiar with the many talents that fish oil brings to the table; reduced inflammation, improved joint paint, cancer risk reduction, healthier heart, hair and skin, lifts depression and reduces Alzheimer’s risk. Not sure about you, but just reading that makes me want to reach for a bottle of fish oil! Believe it or not, but fish oil can actually can actually aid in reducing body fat!

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Nutrient Timing, Should It Concern You?

Pre-workout, intra-workout and post-workout are all terms that fall under the umbrella of “nutrient timing”. These days, every fitness magazine, health talk show and supplement shop stress the importance of workout nutrition to all walks of fitness. However, whats true for a CPA working out 3 days a week, is certainly not true for a professional triathlete. As a result; workout nutrition should run parallel to that of your aspirations and training intensity!

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