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Fat Burning Machine: Become One!

Toxicity impairs anything from doing multiple reps in the gym to fat burning efficiency. When toxins become trapped in our body, they can negatively effect your joints, liver and GI tract. Deficiencies in these areas make it difficult for us to absorb nutrients and exercise optimally.

World renowned strength coach; Charles Poliquin states that the best way clear the body of toxins is a seven day cleanse! However, with all the fads and gimmicks out today, how do you choose between all the cleanses out there?

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Cardio Exercises That Burn Lots Of Calories


A study at Harvard University revealed that a 185-pound male can burn close to 400 calories over the course of a 30-minute row! This averages out to around 13 calories per minute, thats some efficient work right there!

Indoor rowing is a great total body trainer because you need to utilize the arms, legs and back for efficient strokes. Want to burn even more calories while rowing? Check out The Gym of Avon's blog; 6 Hacks To Burn More Calories While Rowing.

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Shed Belly Fat With This Routine

The plan remains the same - start moving and eat better- is still the best way to shed belly fat! However, there are also ways to expedite the process through strength training and high intensity intervals!

Compelling research has revealed that the bestmethod for shedding belly fat is to perform short bursts of intense exercise. The bright side is that this style of training does not require you to spend hours a day killing yourself in the gym. If done correctly, you can achieve dramatic fat loss through less than an hour in the gym, 3-days per week!

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Lose Body Fat and Keep It Off For Good

More than 2 out of every 3 U.S. adults are either considered overweight or obese! So, how do we lose body fat and keep it off? Because, the problem that plagues most individuals is not losing the extra fat as much as it is gaining it back! Countless studies show that the majority of people who drop fat, tend to regain it (and some) within a few years. 

Here are 5 strategies that can help prevent rebound fat gain so that all your hard work doesn't go down the drain. 

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Want To Lose Fat For The Summer?

With summer swiftly approaching it is the perfect time to crack down, lose fat and make health a priority! When the weather is warm, produce is abundant and the beach is waiting…it’s much easier to stay motivated!

The good news is, that you still have more than enough time to get the body you want to show off! Here are ten tips that can be immediately implemented for sustainable summer fat loss!

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Ten Tips To Achieve Optimal Fat Loss

To achieve optimal fat loss, the essentials haven’t changed. Put in hard work, provide your body with the proper nutrition and train smart! However, thats not to say that there aren’t tips and tricks you can apply to expedite the process of getting lean! The following list reveals 10 tips – when paired with the above basics – will improve your results when striving to lose body fat!

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Lose Fat And Keep It Off

You’ve seen it all before from “experts” in magazines and on TV shows, claiming; “get your best body in 4 weeks!” or “how to lose fat in 6 days!” Let’s be honest, the individuals giving you this “secret plan” or “cutting edge program,” did not achieve their physique’s 2 months prior to their interview or photo-shoot. The idea that you can completely revolutionize your body in 6-12 weeks is not attainable.

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100 Ways To Improve Body Composition - Part 2

26. Train with Chains or Bands to Break Through Plateaus
WHY: Performing a phase with chains or bands could be just what you need to improve body composition and break through some stagnant progress. The key is to attach the chains to the barbell so that when you’re at the top of your lift, the chains are almost completely off the floor. As you lift, the resistance will increase, making the lift more difficult!

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Tips To Stay In Shape Over The Holidays

Here are some tips to stay in shape during the season of overindulgence! Stick to these hacks and keep your six-pack throughout the holidays.

1. First of all, stick to your training schedule! It's good to relax and have a little fun, in order to do so you need to earn it. Ramping up your workout routine is a great way to deplete your energy stores and make room for some fun! Creating a calorie deficit leading up to a big Christmas dinner is a great trick to stay lean and muscular.

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