Not Losing Weight? Try These 5-Tactics That Will Deliver


1. Beware Of Over-Restricting Your Food

Wood is required to fuel a fire. Contrary to popular belief extremely low calorie dieting will do the opposite of losing weight. Following a diet that puts you below your “calorie needs” will force your body to hold on to every ounce of food you take in! This can slow your metabolism and even result in weight gain.

Side effects such as; moody, tired and intense cravings can all be signs that you’re not getting enough nutrients. The trick is to give your body enough food so that it feels comfortable to kick some lbs! A calorie deficit of lower than 250-calories per day would probably be too drastic for healthy weight low.

To find out your specific calorie needs it would be wise to contact a health professional. Many factors are taken into account when calculating weight loss calories - height, weight, body fat %, resting metabolic rate, activity levels - to name a few!

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