Kat's Big Transformation!

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There’s loads of information circulating around the web on what women should be doing to get in shape. Some of the content is really great while a lot of it is just trendy and misleading!

In an effort to help you cut through all the B.S., we’ve decided to highlight one of our most successful clients. By no means has Kat’s journey to losing 50 plus pounds been an easy one. She’s had bumps in the road along the way but has never let them cloud her vision. Kat knows where she wants to be, communicates with her trainer; Lindsey (@vanettenfit) and gets the job done!

To help you formulate your own plan/goals Kat has illustrated some crucial habits to achieving an eye-opening transformation. Here is a side-by-side view of where she started and what she’s currently doing;

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Kat continues to push herself and we believe that’s why she succeeds. To Kat, losing body fat and adding lean muscle is more than just about looking good. She sets performance goals inside and out of the gym, her most recent one being a 100-mile bike race! Whether it’s moving weight in the gym or cracking down on her diet at home, Kat responds with her favorite quote; “challenge accepted”!

Brigham Van Etten