Interested In Losing Belly Fat? Workout This Often!

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You’ve heard the cliche countless times; “abs are built in the kitchen”. The truth is - in this scenario - the statement is true!

You can perform all the abdominal routines in the world, but they won’t help reduce the layer of fat covering your midsection. As discussed in our previous post; Spot Reduction: Knowledge or Nonsense, honing in on one specific area will yield lackluster results. Instead, a fat loss program needs to include the following;

  • Full body workouts

  • A nutritious diet built around lean proteins, healthy fats, fruits & lots of vegetables

  • Adequate recovery

It’s not possible to direct where you’d like your body to lose fat so, eating properly and engaging in full body workout routines is the best option. Working both your legs and upper body in one 45-minute session will increase your chances of lowering your overall body fat percentage.

Rotate two different strength training workouts, four times per week, each no longer than 45-minutes. Workouts should be built around multi-joint movements; deadlifts, squats, presses of all variety, pull ups, lunges, etc. These exercises require more energy, which in return will burn more calories and body fat!

Performing strength training workouts is crucial because this style of exercising will build lean muscle. Muscle is metabolically active meaning just having it helps you burn more calories. Follow a routine for 3-4 weeks before switching up the exercises, reps and sets! This will ensure that your body doesn’t adapt and your training won’t become stagnant.

Depending on how you’re recovering from the strength workouts you can add in 1-2 days of HIIT cardio. This style of cardiovascular exercise can be the icing on the cake to accelerate your results! HIIT cardio includes equipment and exercises such as; skierg, airdyne bike, rowing machine, sprints, slam balls and sled pushes to name a few. Keep the workouts short and intense!

Exercising will greatly help with your fat loss efforts, however it’s only part of the equation. If you’re not eating correctly than your results will be sub par at best! To begin, focus on the little things like; drinking more water, eating whole, minimally processed foods, and cut down on the alcohol. Not only will you begin to look better, you’ll also feel better!

Many individuals believe that initially it’s important to slash calories right off the bat and create a major calorie deficit. Although there isn’t a universal calorie amount for everyone wanting to lose weight, there are equations that can help! Many personal trainers and dietitians can assist in this area and possibly go more in-depth showing you the amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates to consume (refer to Understanding Your Body Type & What To Eat).

The main key to remember here is that losing body fat - especially in the stomach region - does not happen overnight. But, if you’re willing to put in the work, be patient and persistent, the results will follow!

Brigham Van Etten