Don't Let The Weekend Derail Your Weight-loss Efforts!


Don’t let Saturday or Sunday be your diet downfall. Start adding in these tips to stay on track any given weekend!

  1. Go Into the Weekend Prepared

    With stuff such as; Door Dash, Uber Eats and Grub Hub, having nothing in your fridge heading into the weekend is a recipe for disaster! Weekdays are somewhat easy to stay on track because what you prepped is around and fresh. By the time Friday rolls around you’re most likely tired of leftovers or running out of prepped foods.

    One way to avoid this issue is to keep non-perishable ingredients around the house. Healthy frozen dishes can be a life line when you feel all out of options. Planning a mid-week grocery run can also ensure you don’t fall off the wagon.

    Weekends are there for relaxing and enjoying time with friends and family. Try a food service such as Hello Fresh or Blue Apron. Pick a couple healthy options with your significant other and have fun cooking!

  2. Create Non-Eating Social Plans

    It’s very difficult to stick to your diet while at a restaurant and the status quo for meeting friends and family is usually just that! Try and switch things up a bit and meet for coffee, a walk in the park or a museum tour.

    If you’re dead set on eating out try researching a few restaurants that are “farm-to-table” or “clean-eating” based. Almost all restaurants will provide menus online, allowing you map out your calories and keep your diet humming along!

  3. Choose Your Alcohol Wisely

    Obviously for optimal results alcohol should be completely off limits during your transformation period. However, if the goal is to be healthy and modestly lose some body fat, alcohol doesn’t have to be completely off limits.

    A few tricks are to stick with single alcohols, avoiding the calorie high mixers. of course, moderation is the key. Even if avoiding fruity mixers, five vodka tonics will definitely uproot your dietary plan!

  4. Plan Ahead

    This tip can be used in a few different ways, whether you’re going out or staying in. If you’re going out, get the restaurant’s menu ahead of time and plan out your meal/drinks. This will help reduce anxiety of breaking your diet and let you enjoy the night out!

    During the week it’s much easier to stick with a bland plan, prepping ahead of time and eating leftovers. Use the weekend to take a break from all that even if you’re staying in. As we talked about use a meal service such as Hello Fresh or pick a healthy recipe, gather the ingredients and spend some time cooking!

  5. Schedule A Weekend Workout

    Make weekend workouts with your personal trainer or friends (or both)! These workouts can be done in a gym or outdoors. Eating good is much easier to do when you’re working out. You feel better, have more energy and make food choices that will fuel your workout!

    Increase your chances of staying on track over the weekend by scheduling a workout and feeling good!