What Your Athletic Training Plan Is Missing


A simple yet extremely effective way to increase your athletic prowess is to improve hip mobility! Numerous studies have revealed that improving your hip joint range of motion is linked better leaping ability and athletic quality.

Greater hip mobility will also make for a stronger and more powerful athlete, increasing athletic ability. Allowing for full range of motion squats, lunges, split squats and many more lower body exercises! Multiple research groups suggest that if the pelvis can move freely, this will allow the athlete to exert maximal force through the ground. Applying force violently into the ground results in speed and acceleration. Consequently, mobile yet strong hips have the ability to apply this force at a faster rate. As a result; quick and violent force will equal enhanced speed and acceleration!

Flexibility is also highly important in terms of structural balance and staying injury free. A balanced, limber body is not at risk for pulls, strains and tears. In conclusion, bigger, stronger, and more powerful athlete’s come out on top. As an athlete grows in size and muscularity, it's important to maintain joint range of motion!

AthletesBrigham Van Etten