The Importance Of Rest During Training


Did you know that the amount of rest between sets can have a major impact on how exercise affects your body. The length of your rest period between sets affects a multitude of factors that are important to the adaptations that are brought on by your training!

Benefits of a proper rest period:

  1. Allows for partial or nearly complete regeneration of short term energy substrates, needed for maximal performance.

  2. Clearance of metabolic waste, which accumulates in the muscles as a result of intense muscular work.

  3. Gives time for the central nervous system to recover.

  4. Slows heart rate and metabolic rate caused by exercise.

  5. Affects the make up of hormones secreted that alter strength, fat loss and also muscle gain.

Rest Period Breakdown:

  • Strength Endurance (reps 15+): 0 to 30 seconds

  • Hypertrophy (reps 9 – 14): 30 to 90 seconds

  • Functional Hypertrophy (reps 6-8): 120 to 180 seconds

  • Relative Strength/Power (reps 1-5): 180 to 600 seconds

In conclusion, rest periods are much deeper then just some extra time to check the cell phone in-between sets.