Six Ways To Improve Your Bench Press


How much ya bench!? The number of times this exact question has been asked in a gym has to be in the trillions, maybe more! The bench press, to many individuals is a measure of ones manliness. In movies, magazines and billboards it is a sign of fitness, strength and power! Are you pumped up yet?

The funny thing is, the bench press is easily one of the most commonly butchered exercises around. More often than not, you’ll see crazy form; feet lifting off the ground, elbows going every which way and pelvic thrusting the ceiling so hard the roof might cave!

Now, I’m not saying that everyone is like this but lets be honest, it can get pretty bad. Many trainees just have a minor flaw here and there, something that is hurting your progression or giving you an ache that can be avoided. In order to keep adding weight to the bar, and solidifying that Man Card of yours, form has to be sound. With good technique you’ll stay away from injury and be able to gradually increase weight and repetitions. Below are a handful of tips that are important when performing the bench press!

Set yourself up correctly on the bench

Your forehead should be in line with the bar, this is important when un-racking and re-racking the weight.

Correct torso positioning

The upper back should be flat on the bench while the lower back is in an arched, anatomical position.

Feet flat on the floor throughout the movement

This is important because while benching you want to exert force onto the ground, driving through this point of contact.

Correct hand positioning

Your grip should be slightly outside the shoulders and elbows at a 45 degree angle.

Aiming point

When lowering the weight you should be heading towards the lower portion of the chest, slightly below the sternum.


Take a large breath before each rep, hold throughout movement and exhale at the lockout.

**These are some basic, broad tips that should help you get through a plateau or correct a bad habit!