Return On Investment For Good Nutrition

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It is probably difficult to image but good nutrition actually has a return on investment! Clinical nutritionist Dr. Robert Rakowski have stated that every dollar spent on nutrients results in a $17 return on your health!

 The main reason we should all consider taking supplements/vitamins is due to the fact that most Americans are consider malnourished. The interesting thing is that malnourishment isn't a result of lack of food. We of course have plenty of that! The real reason lies in that fact that our soil is nutrient depleted.

Over the past century we have diminished our soil through the use of fertilizers and other chemicals.  that only contain nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. It takes 17-elements to make a plant "healthy" and as you can see, we only put three back!

As the soil depletes, so do the plants, leading to low-nutrient animals through consumption and finally low -nutrient humans. Everyone needs a multivitamin, plant nutrients and omega-3's. The sad truth is that we do not get enough nutrients from food anymore. Because of this, a multivitamin is necessary in everyone's diet. Omega-3's, because plants and animals are deficient in omega-3's (omega-3's can reduce heart disease, strokes and cancer). A recent study stated that we can prevent cancer by simply eating at least 13 servings of fruits and vegetables. The problem is that almost no person gets anywhere near that number.