Maximize Fat Loss: Work Out On An Empty Stomach?


The idea itself is very enticing. Exhaust your carbohydrate stores overnight and your body will maximize fat loss during your AM workout!

However, the human body does not function as simple as the above statement, rather, it’s dynamic & continually adjusts to what fuel source it uses.

Due to factors such as; hormonal secretions, enzyme activity, transcription factors & other bodily processes, it would be shortsighted to only look at fat burned during a single session.

Research indicates that although consuming a carbohydrate dominate meal before training will somewhat diminish the use of fat for energy. The group that fasted only started burning fat around the 80 – 90 minute mark! We all know that workouts should go no longer than 45 minutes because of how anabolic hormones dip & catabolic hormones rise. It’s also important to note that in a catabolic state your body breaks down proteins, resulting in muscle loss. Here’s another kicker, the fat that the fasted group burned was fat found in the muscle tissue! Not the kind that deals with health or appearance.

The better option here is to consume a meal prior to training, giving you energy to workout with intensity. Perform activities like weight lifting with short rest periods, sprints, sled pushes or hill sprints. Dedicate around 15 – 25 minutes of high intense work & the fat will fall off, without sacrificing muscle. High intense interval training (HIIT) allows your body to continually burn fat throughout the day. This elevated fat burning continues even after your session is completed!!