High Intense Interval Training For Fat Loss


Equipment Needed:

Stationary / Airdyne Bike, Elliptical, or Treadmill

Total Duration:

16 minutes


  • Start out at a moderate pace for 2 minutes

  • Upon reaching the 2 minute mark, perform an all – out SPRINT for 10 seconds

  • After the 10 seconds is up, drop back to the 2 minute moderate pace

  • Continue alternating between 2 minutes moderate & 10 second sprints until you have reached 16 minutes!

Reason Why it Works:

High intense interval training such as this works so well by raising EPOC or Excess Post Oxygen Consumption. During strenuous training, your body is using above and beyond the amount of oxygen it normally does and in turn is burning more calories. What EPOC represents is the additional amount of calories the body is burning post exercise, in order to return itself to the state it was prior to training. The harder you workout, the more you will disrupt the bodies internal processes, forcing it to expend more energy to return to a baseline level. High intense training will also raise lactic acid levels & with that comes an increase in growth hormone & more FAT LOSS!

Bonus Tip:

As this program gets easier, either increase the sprint period by a second here and there or decrease the moderate time.