Five Tips For Great Abdominals


1. Nutrition: 

Have you ever heard the saying “abdominals are made in the kitchen?” Well unless you’re a genetic freak that saying holds true. To get your abdominals to show, you want to structure your diet around lean proteins, vegetables & healthy fats. Save complex carbohydrates for the days that you workout & consume them after you’ve completed your session!

2. Do Not Under Eat: 

Eating insanely low calories in effort to lose body fat will only make it harder for you to achieve a lean midsection. This strategy will slow your metabolic rate, storing more calories than it burns. Your body also needs nutrients & energy to carry out internal process to build muscle & burn fat. Lastly, when calories are super low, cortisol rises, keeping your body in a catabolic & stressed environment!

3. Perform Interval Training: 

Whether it’s pushing sleds, sprinting or running hills, interval training is the best option for burning fat & preserving muscle. Not only does interval training burn calories at the point of exercise but it continues to do so even after you’re done! This style of training will goes great with strength training & should be done on days that you’re not lifting.

4. Strength Train: 

Build your training plans around the big complex lifts; squat, deadliest, bench press, military press & chin ups. These exercises will build a strong midsection without having to do any direct work! Remember when doing these lifts to engage the core by bringing your belly button in towards your spine. The abdominals are predominantly made up of fast twitch muscle fibers, they respond best to lower repetition, weighted exercises!

5. Get Sleep: 

Yes, not getting sleep can make you fat around the midsection. Getting less than 6-8 hours of sleep can create hormonal imbalances through adrenal fatigue & poor eating habits. This is a perfect environment for stress to thrive, & when stress is high, fat flocks to the midsection!

Bonus Ab Routine:

A1. Reverse Sit Ups on Incline Bench / 3 – 4 sets 8-12 reps / Tempo 3010

A2. Landmine Barbell Twist / 3 – 4 sets 10 – 12 total reps / Tempo 3010

A3. Weighted Physio Ball Sit Ups Feet Elevated / 3 – 4 sets / Tempo 3010