Burn Calories With These Activities


Burning calories (physical activity) and reducing caloric intake are the two main methods of dropping body fat and leaning out. This is a simple explanation and the more specialized your goals become, the more detailed your planning needs to be. Throughout this blog, we'll be discussing metabolic testing (MET) and how it estimates the cost of various types of exercise!

Metabolic testing specifically measures oxygen usage during physical activity. As your intensity increasing during a workout, so does your oxygen consumption. When your body needs more oxygen, your calorie expenditure is increased, resulting in weight loss!

In order to rank which activities require the most energy, we use the term METs or metabolic equivalent. 1 MET equals the amount of oxygen your body consumes at rest. So, if we said an activity equals 3 METs, this means you'd be working at 3 times that of resting level oxygen consumption! This way of measuring may seem odd at first, but it can be very useful when trying to estimate energy expenditure during exercise.

Here are some daily activities that require a high MET count...

  • Vigorous Stationary Cycling - 12.5 METs

  • Fast Jump Rope - 12.0 METs

  • Intense Weight Lifting - 8.0 METs

  • Rowing - 12.0

  • Vigorous Sexual Intercourse (had to throw it in there!) - 6.0 METs

 As you can see the MET count gets higher with the activities you're breathing the hardest! Here at The Gym of Avon LLC we like to combine short rest periods with lifting weights. This forces your body to consume lots of oxygen in an effort to generate more energy. As stated above, the higher your energy output is,  the more fuel or calories your body requires!

Performing resistance is especially great because it increases your body's use of calories during and after the session! This is big for individuals wanting to lose weight because not only will you burn calories during exercise, you will also burn elevated calories after you've stopped exercising!

In conclusion, combining a sound nutrition plan with an intense weightlifting routine will raise your MET. As a result, it will also put you on the fast track to losing body fat and building muscle!