100 Ways To Improve Body Composition - Part 2


26. Train with Chains or Bands to Break Through Plateaus
WHY: Performing a phase with chains or bands could be just what you need to improve body composition and break through some stagnant progress. The key is to attach the chains to the barbell so that when you’re at the top of your lift, the chains are almost completely off the floor. As you lift, the resistance will increase, making the lift more difficult!

27. Perform Heavy Farmers Carry’s
WHY: This exercise is simple but will help you build a strong, muscular upper back & obliques. Try grabbing a pair of dumbbells or kettlebells that challenge your grip & walk with perfect posture 40 – 50 feet without dropping the weight.

28. Alkalize Your Body with “Green Drinks”
WHY: The more alkaline your body is the less catabolic you are. Therefore, try adding green drinks to your diet to keep your body in an anabolic state.

SUGGESTION: Dynamic Fruits & Greens or Amazing Grass Green Superfood

29. Throw Out Any Body Care Products that aren’t Paraben Free
WHY: Research shows that parabens, found in some body care products, are castration agents in men & have been linked to breast cancer in both sexes.

30. Try an 10 – 8 – 6 – 15 Rep Scheme
WHY: Vince Gironda popularized this style of rep scheme and it can pack on muscle! The descending repetitions will engage higher threshold motor units & the final set of 15 will spike growth hormone.

31. Do Not Static Stretch Before Training
WHY: Static stretching before you workout increases your chances of injury and reduces explosiveness. Rather, opt for dynamic stretching and then move into your warm up sets.

32. Get Whey Protein from Antibiotic-Free Treated Cows
WHY: Dairy cows in New Zealand graze on pesticide & chemical free pastures. First of all, New Zealand does not allow the use of rBGH. Lastly, these cows have been checked for antibiotic residue residue!

SUGGESTION: Poliquin Whey Stronger 2.0

33. Never Do Curls in the Squat Rack
WHY: It’s annoying & pisses people off.

34. Do Not Exceed 8 Reps when Performing Leg Curls
WHY: The hamstrings are mainly composed of fast twitch muscle fibers, therefore they respond best to 8 repetitions and below.

35. Eliminate all Sugars & Sweeteners
WHY: Not only do sugars/sweeteners have zero nutritional value but they will also make you fat! In addition to gaining weight, consuming sugar slows down energy use and makes you less alert, not good when trying to workout!

36. Don’t be Afraid of Fat
WHY: Fat from fish oil, wild meats, coconut oil, real butter, olive oil, avocados & nuts are all considered healthy fats. Despite what you’ve always heard, saturated fat from healthy sources are essential to our diet! When eaten with a diet high in protein & vegetables, fat will actually help build muscle, lose fat, increase reproductive health & brain function while also reducing cancer risks!

37. Darker the Fruit, the Better
WHY: Dark fruits usually have very thin skin which means they produce more antioxidants to protect them from sun exposure. Ensuring they’re organic, fruits such as; blackberries, bilberries, raspberries, blueberries & cranberries are great for reducing free radicals & inflammation.

38. Reduce the Amount of Time on Your Cell Phone
WHY: Research shows that cell phones send high levels of radiation through your body when near you. Listen up guys, this cell phone radiation has been shown to be harmful to male fertility!

40. Take BCAA’s While You Workout
WHY: BCAA’s are a must have supplement if building muscle and staying lean is your goal. Research indicates that branch chain amino's increase muscle and energy production while exercising. In healthy people BCAA’s have shown to inhibit the breakdown of muscle cells, improve glucose uptake & insulin sensitivity!

41. Add Glutamine to Your Post Workout Shake
WHY: Research shows that glutamine levels decrease as muscle soreness increases. So, supplementing with glutamine after your workout will accelerate glycogen re-synthesis & recovery rate! Start with 20 grams.

42. Take Vitamin C
WHY: Vitamin C has been shown to decrease cortisol levels and as a result, making the body more anabolic.Try taking 2-4 grams per day, a gram or 2 post workout.

43. Train with Thick Bar/Handle Implements
WHY: Training with thick bar or handled implements is a very quick & cost effective way to put on more muscle. Simply increasing the diameter of the bar/handle will stimulating more muscle activation in the hands, forearms, upper arms & entire body!


44. Change Your Exercises Every 6 Sessions
WHY: As a rule of thumb its good to change exercises every 6 sessions to keep your body from adapting & progress slowing. Our bodies adapt rather quickly to new stresses so, keep it guessing by switching workouts up!

45. Pair Upper & Lower Body Exercises
WHY: If you are strapped for time pairing upper & lower body exercises is a great idea. As a result it allows you to lift relatively heavy while lowering the rest you need between sets!

46. Supplement with Vitamin D
WHY: Vitamin D shouldn’t only be thought of as something you take when your sun exposure is low. In addition to strengthening bones, vitamin D also increases muscle strength, lean body mass, muscular force, cancer prevention, male reproductive health, cardio vascular health & brain health to name a few.

47. Run Hills to Lose Fat & Improve Body Composition 
WHY: Hill sprints are another valuable tool to lose fat and spare hard earned muscle. Start by running up a hill (15 – 20 yards) at around 50% exertion. Gradually increase your intensity over the course of 10 sets, making sure the last 2 are around 100%.

48. Try Single Arm/Leg Lifts
WHY: Single arm or leg lifts are a great way to work on muscular imbalances while also strengthening your core. 

49. Take Caffeine Pre – Workout
WHY: Having caffeine before you workout will increase energy, alertness, drive, power and strength.

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50. Do Not Train Strength & Cardio At The Same Time
WHY: This is a great way to get very average results in both training disciplines. They are contradicting goals & work against one another. Rather, train for strength & on days you want to increase endurance, achieve that through high intense intervals.