100 Ways To Improve Body Composition - Part 1


1. Start Taking Fish Oil

WHY: The benefits of fish oil range wide from; reduced inflammation, heart health, promotes anabolic pathways. In addition, fish has shown to lower cholesterol, improved immunity & turn on your body’s lipolytic pathway, increasing the ability to burn fat!

SUGGESTED USE: Poliquin EPA – DHA Blend / 2 – 6 grams daily

2. Eat 8 – 10 Servings of Vegetables Daily

WHY: I’d venture to say that the average American does not come anywhere close to this number. Consuming more vegetables will naturally increase your levels of vitamins, minerals & fiber. If your choice is salads, make your own dressing & include kale. You can also steam or grill them, just make sure to not over – cook. An easy way to find out where you stand is to use your fist, which equals 1 serving of veggies!

SUGGESTION: Try Poliquin Wellness Greens

3. Set Long & Short Term Goals

WHY: There should be 3 aspects when planning out your fitness goals;(1) be specific, (2) measurable & (3) have a deadline. You need to be precise so that you or your trainer can put together a plan, measurable so that you know if you’re making progress towards your goal & have a deadline so there’s less risk for procrastination. Start by making a feasible long term goal & branch off of that with “check – points” or short term goals!

4. Stay Hydrated

WHY: It’s important to drink at least half your bodyweight in ounces of water on a daily basis.Make sure the water you’re drinking is reverse osmosis filtered water & not tap water! It’s alarming to note that just a 1.5% drop in water levels can result in a 10% drop in maximal strength levels! While working out make sure to drink 10 – 12 ounces every 15 minutes to maintain hydration.

5. Lower Stress Levels

WHY: First of all, stress makes you fat, particularly around the abdomen. Also, stress creates hormonal imbalances, slows gains, elevates blood pressure, increases chances of developing insulin resistance & lowers immunity to name a few! If you’re someone who is chronically stressed it’s important to take action & help your body relax. This can be done through supplementation, meditation &/or cutting out things that complicate life.

PRODUCTS THAT WORK: Poliquin Bliss, Poliquin Serenity, Holosync Meditation, Reading about Daoism

6. Vary Your Rep Ranges & Training Loads

WHY: You should not only train in a linear fashion, this is a sure fire way to get hurt &/or burn yourself out mentally. The best way to train is with a undulating (flowing up & down) method. This type of training switches up about every 3-4 weeks, moving between high intensity workouts & high volume workouts. This style will keep your body fresh & your mind energized!

7. Get 6 – 8 Hours of Sleep

WHY: Lack of sleep can do a number on your body & mind. It’ll create mental fogginess, hormonal imbalances & lead to eating poor quality, high energy foods. How much sleep you get sets the tone for the rest of the day, stabilizes your hormones, allowing you to lose fat, build muscle & recover properly.

8. Ditch the Processed Carbohydrates

WHY: You’ve most likely heard it before, but it’s important to stay to the perimeter of the grocery store if improved body composition is your goal.In the center of the store is where you’ll find all the boxed, canned & sugary foods that will wreak havoc on your body. Stick to the outskirts of the store, structuring your diet around lean proteins, healthy fats & nutrient dense carbohydrates (fruits, veggies, complex carbs).

9. Supplement Your Diet with a Multivitamin

WHY: The food we consume today is much less nutrient dense then what people were eating even 100 years ago.The micronutrients & organic matter within soil is depleted, pesticides, herbicides & GMO’s run rampant within our crops. Eating organic whole foods is a great start but we still need to do more to fortify our diet. Multivitamins will help put back, what should already have been in your food.

SUGGESTED USE: Poliquin Multi Intense or Poliquin P-N Multi

10. Keep Your Workouts to 45 min

WHY: At around the 45 minute mark during your session, anabolic hormones (building) begin to decrease, while catabolic hormones (breaking down) start to increase.In order to avoid working out in a catabolic environment, get in, get the work done & get out!

11. Structure Your Workouts Around Big/Multi – Joint Exercises

WHY: Exercises such as;the squat, bench press, deadlift, shoulder press, chin up & row will give you the most bang for your buck. These lifts should be at the top of your workout routine, they will engage a high amount of muscle fibers, burn fat & elicit an anabolic response.

12. Do Not Make the Mistake of Under-Eating

WHY: Majority of people do this when trying to lean out or lose fat.You need nutrients & build blocks to perform all the metabolic processes happening within your body. Under-eating is something that can bring progress to a screeching halt!

SUGGESTION: Try using these numbers as a start, multiply your bodyweight by the values that represent your goal: Weight Loss 12 – 14, Weight Management 14 – 16 & Weight Gain 18 – 20

13. Practice Perfect Form in the Weight Room

WHY: Working out is a skill, same as football or basketball. To become efficient at a skill you need to practice perfect technique. When you lift with poor form, structural imbalances arise, slowing gains & creating injuries. Also, it is much easier to improve body composition & lose fat when your body is evenly balanced & most of all free of injury!

14. Stay Clear of Steady State Cardio

WHY: Would you rather look like a long distance runner or a sprinter?I’m willing to bet that most people will choose the sprinter! If you want a lean, muscular body choose activities like; sprinting, hill sprints, prowler pushes & sled drags. These will promote muscle and burn fat at the same time.

15. Eat Carbs on Days that You Workout

WHY: On days that you workout your metabolic rate is higher & you’re body is using more calories. As a result, ingested carbohydrates will be stored in the muscles rather than the fat cells!

16. Whey Protein Post Workout

WHY: Lifting weights creates micro-tears & breaks down your muscles. It’s important to recover properly if you’re going to become bigger and stronger. Immediately upon finishing your session drink a post workout shake with at least 25 grams of whey protein. This is will provide your muscles with the building blocks it needs to strengthen up for the next bout!

17. Chew Your Food

WHY: The first stage in the digestive process starts in the mouth. Help your GI system out by chewing your food at least 25 times. Your body will have a much easier time absorbing and assimilating nutrients if your food is in paste form.

18. Supplement with Zinc

WHY: Zinc is an essential trace mineral with a multitude of benefits including; boosts immunity, increases athletic performance & strength, supports male/female reproductive health, & improves cardiovascular health. Also, low zinc levels result in aromatization, the process of converting testosterone to estrogen in men!

19. Start Your Day with Salt Water & Lime

WHY: Try drinking 1/4 teaspoon of himalayan salt mixed with water & the juice of 1 lime, immediately upon waking. This concoction will nourish the adrenals, increase energy and furthermore alkalize the body!

20. Utilize Short Rest Periods to Lean Out

WHY: Short rest intervals promote lactic acid. As lactic acid increases, so does growth hormone and growth hormone burns fat!

21. Try a Salivary Panel

WHY: If your training and nutrition is spot on, yet you’re still not seeing quality results, it might be a good idea to take a look at your hormones.Salivary panels can be a little expensive, however they work wonders if your hormones are out of wack! You can get the kit mailed to you, send your samples back to the lab & they will interpret the results!

22. Try Meat & Nuts for Breakfast

WHY: Breakfast is the meal that sets the tone for the rest of the day, so you can imagine what type of day you’ll have if your choice is a doughnut!Eating various combinations of meat & nuts raises the production of dopamine & acetyl – choline, neurotransmitters that are important for focus & drive! This type of breakfast also ensures a steady rise in blood sugar while also maintaining its levels for an extended period of time.

23. Increase Your Protein Intake

WHY: To build muscle and get lean its imperative that you take in adequate protein. Therefore, a good rule of thumb is to consume 2 grams of protein per kilogram of bodyweight. Use that as a starting point and go up or down depending on your needs.

24. Lift Weights with a Tempo

WHY: Time under tension is an important factor when training for a specific goal;hypertrophy, fat loss, strength or endurance. Each phase of the exercise elicits different responses within the body, lifting the weight raises testosterone, while lowering the weight raises growth hormone. Try a rep range of 10-12 & for each rep lower the weight over 4 seconds, no pause at the bottom, raise it in 1 second & no pause at the top!

25. Stop Drinking Out of Plastic

WHY: If possible eliminate drinking out of plastic and stick to glass! These toxins & chemicals are ingested, alter hormones & run rickshaw all over your body. We come in contact with enough toxins & estrogen produces chemicals on a daily basis, buy a good glass water bottle.