3 - Drinks That Can Actually Help You Lose Weight

  1. Water

    All of us have a pretty good understanding that water is important, however; it’s another story whether we’re drinking it or not! All throughout the day water is lost by way of breathing, exercising and metabolism. It’s our job to replace what is lost!

    Water is used by our bodies to carry oxygen and nutrients to our cells, while also carrying waste products away from them. So, when dehydrated you can imagine we’re not functioning in tip top shape!

    Water can also be used to help accelerate weight loss. When you start feeling hungry, rather than reaching for a snack, down a glass of water! A study in the Journal of Obesity revealed that individuals who drank at least 2-glasses of water prior to eating lost more weight than those who skipped straight to chowing.

  2. Green Tea

    Drinking freshly brewed green tea - with no added sweeteners - is a tasteful alternative to plain old water. Not only can green tea boost your fat fighting metabolism it can also play a major role in weight maintenance and hunger suppression.

    A study in the American College of Nutrition discovered that in just two short months, participants who drank green tea ended up losing 6-more pounds than their water drinking counterparts.

    To top it off, green tea is also loaded with cancer fighting antioxidants and flavonoids, both are very health promoting!

  3. Coffee

    Before you get too excited the recommendation is coffee from black organic coffee beans. Not your usual Starbucks frap-a-flap-a-chino loaded with sugar and cream.

    Now, most of us require that early morning jolt coffee can provide, but there’s also proof that coffee made help burn more calories while working out! Studies in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness found that participants who drank coffee prior to exercise had more energy, resulting in more energy expenditure.

    To top it off, coffee positively affects hormones that help improve blood sugar regulation. This is big news because keeping stable blood sugar directly affects how much fat your body is able to store and burn!