How Active Are You?


SEDENTARY = < 5,000 steps per day

LIGHTLY ACTIVE = 5,000 - 9,999 steps per day

ACTIVE = 10,000 - 12,500 steps per day

HIGHLY ACTIVE = >12,500 steps per day

If you’re currently in the category of less than 10,000 steps, try some of the below tips to get those rookie numbers up!


Begin everyday with 5-10 minutes of light exercise, e.g. walk on the treadmill or a bodyweight circuit.

While talking with friends or family, go for a light walk.

Before or after dinner, go for a walk.


Walk or bike to work (depending on where you live).

Try getting off public transport early and complete the rest of the trek on foot.

Simply park further away from destinations to increase your steps.


Whether it’s a reminder coming from your Apple watch or an app on your phone, break up long bouts of sitting with standing, pacing or walking.

Take a conference call while standing or walking.

Go for a walk on your lunch break.


Join activity groups through FitBit or the Apple Watch and set goals such as step challenges.

Make socializing active, e.g. bowling, Play CLE, 5k’s

Plan your leisure time around something that gets you walking, e.g. outdoor malls, renting a bike to explore cities.