Workout Rules - Five To Live By


Living in an age that provides the ability to have information at our fingertips comes with many benefits. However, a drawback from a health and fitness standpoint is that we're often overwhelmed with conflicting ideas. 

1. Be Consistent And Be Patient

There's no mystery on how to improve your physique. Results take time, consistency and relatively hard work! Problem is, we live in a time where people don't like that answer. Rather, we want life-changing results overnight.

Successful individuals are the ones who show up and use their time wisely. Don't overreact, stay the course and you will get what you desire!


Enter your workout with focus and drive, keeping your session no longer than an hour. Best results are seen from four, 45-minute strength training sessions per week. This format allows you to train consistently throughout the week for faster progressions. 

Furthermore, many studies have revealed that any training done after the 1-hour mark will slow gains. This is due to the fact that many of our muscle building hormones tapper off at this point, while our stress hormones elevate. 

3. There's No Substitute For Hard Work

Many fitness programs out there promise "super-hero" like physiques in 20-minutes per day for just 3-weeks! The truth is, it doesn't matter if you're 25 or 65, you cannot reach real, life changing goals with just a handful of minutes per week. 

If you want to experience real results, you're going to have to work your ass off for it! Dive in, sweat and feel some discomfort, you won't regret it. Commit yourself by putting in the time, working hard, eating correctly and recovering. Following these strategies will guarantee the results you desire. 

4. Stick To The Basics

The fitness industry is filled with fads and at times it can be tempting to try a wide variety of movements. However, there's no reason to get crazy, learning a handful or multi-joint exercises is the best way to develop a base level of strength. 

These exercises include; squat, deadlift, lunge, presses and pulls. Most of all these movements require more than one muscle at a time and will improve your daily movement patterns! Don't let flashy trends pull you in. Train the basics to develop balanced strength throughout the body and experience success!

5. Choose A Goal And Train For It

We want it all: fat loss, tone, strength and also endurance. Having multiple physical aspirations is ambitious and motivating, however; it can also dilute your results! Instead, pick a measurable goal and train for it! 

For beginners, the priority should be to learn technique, while also developing a base level of strength. Having good strength is an advantage as it will allow results to come faster and it's motivating to add weight to the bar! 

Increases in strength can appear in one or two workouts, fat loss takes weeks and muscle growth requires months!