What Is The Best Diet Ever?


Trust me,  I wish there was a clear-cut answer to which is the best diet ever for losing fat and building muscle. Hate to be the bearer of bad news but there is without a doubt no best diet for everyone! The fact is, humans have evolved to do well with all different kinds of diets; paleo, vegan, high carb or plant based.

Now, at this point your probably thinking this post is a major letdown! Hang with me though, when done properly, the most effective nutrition programs are more similar than different. Below we've listed 5-points that connect successful diets, helping to explain why so many people have had success with many different diet plans!

1. Raise Nutritional Awareness & Attention

Recent research has revealed that simply paying closer attention to what you're eating is a key factor in determining whether you'll lose weight, gain muscle and improve your health. The thing is, what principles you're focusing on may not matter as much as simply caring more about what you're putting in your body. 

Whether it be focusing on avoiding processed carbs, organic foods, eating more veggies, avoiding animal foods or free range meats, its all good!

2. Centered Around Food Quality

Very few "nutrition camps" are going to promote that you eat more processed, chemical laden crap food. For example, paleo and low carb believers want you to consume a diet centered around free range animal protein, higher in healthy fat and minimally processed. On the other end, vegan and high carb believers would like to see you consume more natural, plant based foods, higher in fiber, vitamins and minimally processed. 

Recognize a theme? Pretty much every nutritional concept would like to see followers eat more whole, minimally processed, nutrient-rich foods. 

3. Eliminate Nutrient Deficiencies

The most often nutrient deficiencies we see at The Gym of Avon include; too little protein and water, low levels of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. As stated above, most nutritional advocates and well designed nutrition plans help you shift away from processed foods. These low nutrient foods are given up in favor of minimally processed foods, with have their nutrient levels intact. 

In a matter of a few weeks, many individuals have a rejuvenated feelings once nutrient deficiencies have been corrected!

4. Help To Control Appetite & Food Intake

Most people would say they could eat a whole pizza in one sitting! Or, rarely do you actually have to "save room" for dessert, hell there's always room! These types of low nutrient foods are not satisfying and do a terrible job of quelling ones appetite. 

However, when we're more aware of what we're eating, we choose more satisfying and higher quality foods. These foods do a better job of controlling appetite and usually lead to eating less food! 

5. They Promote Regular Exercise

Many dietary concepts recommend regular exercise, whether it be resistance training, circuit training or high intense cardio training. When people start to pay attention to what they're eating, adding in exercise isn't far behind!

When an individual exercises regularly, it dramatically improves their ability to turn food into usable tissue, instead of body fat! Healthy eating paired with resistance training is a proven way to positively change your body composition.