Want To Lose Fat For The Summer?


With summer swiftly approaching it is the perfect time to crack down, lose fat and make health a priority! When the weather is warm, produce is abundant and the beach is waiting…it’s much easier to stay motivated!

The good news is, that you still have more than enough time to get the body you want to show off! Here are ten tips that can be immediately implemented for sustainable summer fat loss!

1. Consume Protein At Each Meal & Limit Carbohydrates

2. Eat Veggies & Fruits At Each Meal

3. Drink Half Your Bodyweight In Ounces Of Water Per Day

4. Perform Total Body Workouts With Weights

5. Get 6 – 8 Hours Of Sleep Per Night

6. Perform High Intense Interval Training On Your Non-Workout Days

7. Take Multivitamin & Fish Oil

8. Do Not Under-Eat Or Skip Meals

9. Do Not Fear Fat, Consume Health Fats

10. 20 – 25 Chews Per Bite, Watch Portion Sizes

3-Simple Exercises That Shed Body Fat!

1. Burpees

How-To-Do-BurpeesAll it takes is a few minutes of burpee conditioning to provide a butt kicking workout that blasts both your stamina and fat loss levels through the roof!

To execute the perfect burpee, begin by standing and then dropping into a squat position with your hands on the floor in front of you. Kick your feet back into a push up position and then lower your body to the ground (skip lowering your body if you cannot do a push up). To complete the movement, hop your feet back to a squat and then jump! Thats one rep…try 5 sets of 10 with 1-2 minutes of rest in between.

2. Dumbbell Complexes

dumbbell-complex-emgczyi8A DB complex is a form of circuit training that is carried out by completing 3 or more exercises back-to-back, no rest and without letting the DB’s touch the floor.

Here is an example of an intense dumbbell complex! Start with a pair of DB’s and perform 6 reps of bent over rows, 6 reps of biceps curls, 6 reps of dumbbell squats, 6 reps of shoulder presses and 6 push ups! Whew…that’ll get you blood pumping!

3. Sprints

woman-sprintingFor body composition and health benefits, sprinting is one of the best habits to undertake. Sprinting can be done outside, on a bike or a treadmill!

A beginner level protocol to get you started would look something like this. Perform 8 seconds of sprinting, followed by 12 seconds of active rest. You’ll repeat this for a total of 20 minutes or a total of 60 reps! Studies have shown this type of high intense routine leads to significant fat loss.