Ultimate Secret To Weight Loss: A Personal Trainer


When embarking on a weight loss journey, deciding to team up with a personal trainer is well worth the investment. Using a personal trainer is a great decision because it allows the focus to be on you! 

A personal coach will help you discover what exercises your body reacts to best, through the use of their extensive knowledge in; fitness, nutrition and health. Trainers can also limit the amount of possible injuries and help you get the most out of your time at the gym or other exercise venue (home, outdoors). 


One of the main reasons we all workout is to stay fit and toned. However; if you're putting together your own exercise regimen though, you might not be working out to your full potential. A personal fitness coach will analyze your body size, long standing injuries, and starting skill level. Your personal history is a major factor while creating an individualized program!

Properly assembled workouts will maximize results that you'll see and feel. Your personal trainer is there to give you that extra bump in motivation. This extra push is something you'll miss out on unless you're heavily self-motivated. 


Most exercise machines in almost all gyms have step-by-step guides pasted right on them, however; this does not make the foolproof. Not to mention, machines do not burn the most calories! High calorie outputs come from equipment such as; free weights, bands, medicine balls and sleds, yet they come with no sort of instructions. 

If your grip is off, hips are tilted or your feet are too close together, you could be using the equipment incorrectly. Poor form is one of leading causes of injury within gyms. Having a personal trainer right there, watching your form from start to finish. This way, you'll be far less likely to experience workout related injuries.


When you join a large gym and decide to hit snooze through your morning alarm, no one notices you that you didn't make it to the "morning cardio pump class". However, when you miss your scheduledpersonal training session, you're sure to get a phone call, email or text, wondering where you're at! 

Most of the time you've already paid for the session, which puts an even larger incentive on showing up. When you're scheduled with a single person who expects you to be on time to workout, you'll be much more likely to stay on track. 


Most accredited certifications require a renewal every 2 - 3 years, forcing trainers to stay up-to-date and continuously learning. Your trainer must be "in the know" of all the latest fitness trends, workout routines and nutritional tips. So, if you're working out on your own and just not seeing results, book yourself an appointment with a personal trainer! A certified personal trainer can provide you with personalized exercise routines, as well as nutritional tips to help you achieve those maximum results!