Three Hacks For Improved Sleep


Plainly put, sleep is a fitness-enhancing activity that literally requires zero effort. The problem is, the majority of America struggles with sleeping enough. Leave the house exhausted and everything you do becomes more difficult. Rather, leave the house rested and you'll be far more productive in every way!

Furthermore, catching some Z's is critical to your fitness because it creates a surge of muscle-building hormones! These hormones, that are secreted while you rest, help your body naturally build muscle, shed fat and perform better. 

Here are 3 strategies that can help push you to the recommended 8 hours of shut eye!

1. Black Out Your Bedroom (Click here)

While sleeping, if light hits your skin, your body reacts like it just got wake-up call! Light will cause your body's melatonin levels to drop and your body temperature, along with cortisol to rise. These are all factors that prime you to wake-up!

When pertaining to light, in 2017, we're mainly covering electric light from cell phones, apple watches and iPods. Keeping electronics in your bedroom is a great way to disrupt your body's sleeping pattern. 

On top of removing artificial light from your room, we also recommend the addition of blackout curtains! These curtains are inexpensive but, as their name implies, they block-out all outside light. With these installed you'll be sure to log some high quality Z's. 

2. Create A Sleep Ritual

Try implementing a sleep ritual to avoid those nights where you stay up late watching Stranger Things, only to arrive at work exhausted. Something like this can definitely work from those of you with families as well. 

The goal should be to get your butt to bed by 10:00pm. Many of you might laugh at that but it's very possible and you'll thank yourself once committed to habit. Get the kids to bed, limit yourself to one episode of your favorite show and do something to relax. Good options could be a warm shower, foam roller or reading a book!

At first something like this might seem difficult, but, eventually, your body will adapt and you'll be falling asleep on cue!

3. Keep Your Bedroom, A Bedroom

Too many people fill their bedrooms with nonsense, making it much more than just a room for sleeping. TV's, computers, sound systems, the list goes on! Bedrooms are for two things and two things only, sleeping and intimacy. All that other stuff will only brings distractions to your sleeping pattern. 

For example, having a TV in your room only stimulates your mind, making it more likely that you'll stay up later. As mentioned above, research has indicated that small electronic lights can disrupt your rest. Clear your bedroom of anything that does not increase your quality and quantity of sleeping.