The Simplest Diet Plan You'll Ever See


When it comes to weight loss, there's one law that cannot be avoided: You have to burn more calories than you eat! You can do this through a solid diet plan, exercise and dozens of other ways. It doesn't need to be complicated though, case in point: The eating plan that follows. This plan is designed to reduce your daily intake by trading empty-calorie fare that you're likely to binge on, in favor of whole foods that fill you up! End result, you'll lose that gut without feeling like you're starving. 

Commit to following these three guidelines and you'll quickly find that everything else is just details when it comes to eating for a healthy, lean body. 

Step 1: Eliminate Added Sugars

This step is a rather simple way to quickly clean up your diet. A USDA survey has revealed that the average American consumes close to 82 grams of added sugar everyday. 320 calories or 20-teaspoons of pure sugar, that what 82-grams equals out to. This staggering amount can be traced back to; soda, baked goods, breakfast cereals, candy, fruit drinks and sweetened milk products. 

Whats not on this high sugar list? Meat, veggies, whole fruit, mixed nuts and eggs to name a few. There's the start of your menu, now eat accordingly. Also, make sure you enjoy yourself and eat whatever you want at one meal per week if need be. 

By eliminating foods that contain sugar, you'll automatically rid yourself of most junk food. Your diet will instantly become healthier while simultaneously creating a caloric deficit. This is a great way to start losing weight without counting calories! Try it for 2-weeks, if this doesn't kickstart weight loss, move on to step 2. 

Step 2: Cut Back on Starch 

Starches are the main carbs found in bread, pasta, and rice. Now, they are not just found in white versions, but also 100 percent whole grain as well. Of course, you've probably been told you actually need more of these foods. You don't and here's why. For starters, too much starch messes with your blood sugar levels. 

Here's a more in-depth look for the science buffs out there. After around 4 hours of not eating, your blood sugar will begin to fall. We've all experienced this feeling, you become cranky, tired and even shaky. As a result, your body starts to crave quick energy in the form of carbs. Starch and sugar will provide the body a quick surge in blood sugar. 

Chances are, you're not going to eat a small amount of starch and sugar. You're hungry and in desperate need of energy! Due to intense cravings, you're likely to binge, spiking blood sugar high and fast. A large amount of carb heavy food such as this will result in blood sugar rising way above baseline. In response your body releases the powerful hormone insulin, in effort to bring blood sugar levels down to normal. Unfortunately, insulin tends to overshoot and sends blood sugar crashing back down! This jumpstarts the whole cycle over again, see the problem? 

It's very easy to rack up a hefty amount of calories if this cycle becomes habit. By reducing your starch and cutting out foods with added sugars, you'll better control your blood sugar and be less likely to experience intense carb cravings that have derailed many nutritional plans. 

For some general starch guidelines, only consume these foods after you've worked out and later in the day. Also, emphasize the highest fiber and least processed versions such as; sweet potatoes, squashes and quinoa. Lastly, these few tips will make-up for the carbohydrate reduction. 

  • Never restrict your produce intake 

  • Have protein at each meal

  • Consume healthy fats

  • Eat until 80% full

Step 3: Watch Your Calories

Now, if you've slashed sugars and starch for at least one month and your jeans still haven't started fitting better, there's a simple solution. You're still eating too much and need to portion control. You can start by recording everything you eat in an app called MyFitness Pal and it will give you your total calorie intake. Next step is to decrease this total by 250 calories and see if your weight moves. 

Your other option is to get in touch with a certified personal trainer and have them map out your total calories and macronutrient requirements. At The Gym of Avon we also teach a unique way of using your hand size to control portions. This option seems to work better for clients who are always on the go and do not have time to measure things out. 

These tips combined with accountability, commitment, and patience will have you on the fast track to dropping fat!