The Principles of Optimal Health


Interested in achieving optimal health? Implement these 4 principles and watch the results follow!

1. Positive Self-Image

Before you can improve your physical appearance, you have to believe that you're capable of achieving success. It's impossible to become healthy on the outside if you're not first healthy on the inside. 

One of the most important components of a successful transformation is having a positive self-image, even if you're not yet where you'd like to be. Never let even the littlest achievement go unnoticed along the way. Big or small, hitting goals will build your self-esteem, cultivating personal responsibility!

2. A Diet Free of Toxic Foods That Supplies Optimal Levels of All Beneficial Nutrients

Recommended dietary allowances (RDA) will correct nutrient deficiencies,as talked about more in; Nutrient Deficiencies  and How To Correct Them. However, these suggested amounts will not prevent serious conditions such as; cancer or heart disease. 

To ensure protection from deficiencies and diseases we must consume nutrients and supplements in optimal amounts. Stay away from harmful foods and contaminants such as;

  • Margarine, vegetable oils and baked goods containing "hydrogenated oils". 

  • Fried foods of all kinds.

  • White or bleached flour.

  • Sugar in all forms.

  • Avoid foods and cookware that contain aluminum. 

  • Chemical preservatives, artificial colors, emulsifiers and synthetic agents. 

  • Gluten, dairy and wheat if you're sensitive to it. 

  • Produce that has been treated with pesticides, fungicides or herbicides.

  • Chicken, meat and eggs that have been treated with hormones.

  • Avoid farmed fish.

  • Keep alcohol consumption to a minimum. If you're going to drink, choose organic red wine!

3. Clean Air and Living Environment, Pure Water and Adequate Sunshine

Everyday water is toxic, containing fluoride (once used as rat poison), chlorine and other harmful contaminants. It's our recommendation that everyone should buy fresh spring or distilled water, or invest in a high quality water filter. 

Clean air and adequate sunshine are also necessary for optimal health. If you live in or near a city, purchase an air filter. For those of us who live in states where sunlight is limited, supplement with vitamin D! 

4. Adequate Exercise and Rest

Any exercise you like to do, is better than none! Weightlifting, intervals, hiking and running all offer various benefits. Do not let an all-or-nothing approach stop you before you start, truthfully, anything that gets you moving is worthwhile. 

6-8 hours per night is considered adequate sleep for most. Exercise and proper nutrition help the body sleep more deeply. Although exercise is paramount for any transformation plan, sleep is when the body repairs itself. In order to shed body fat and build muscle tissue, you must get quality sleep!