Stomach Fat: Will Performing Sit Ups Do The Job?



Will performing countless sit-ups help you reduce stomach fat?


The short answer, doing sit-ups can't significantly decrease the size of your stomach. Obviously, any activity can contribute to a degree of weight loss, through the increase of energy expenditure (calories burned). However - for the goal of fat/weight loss - abdominal exercises shouldn't be at the top of your list, due to the small amount of calories they burn. 

Abs are built in the gym and revealed in the kitchen!

Interested in losing your stomach? Concentrate on reducing calories, eating quality foods, and increasing activity output. At The Gym of Avon we coach personal training clients and athletes the importance of proper nutrition. Diets consist of lean protein, loads of veggies and healthy fats! Workouts focus on big compound exercises (squats, deadlifts, dumbbell presses) that result in a high calorie output. If there's time, we enjoy finishing a session with a challenging abdominal circuit!