Shed Belly Fat With This Routine


The plan remains the same - start moving and eat better- is still the best way to shed belly fat! However, there are also ways to expedite the process through strength training and high intensity intervals!

Compelling research has revealed that the bestmethod for shedding belly fat is to perform short bursts of intense exercise. The bright side is that this style of training does not require you to spend hours a day killing yourself in the gym. If done correctly, you can achieve dramatic fat loss through less than an hour in the gym, 3-days per week!

A 2007 study revealed that in as little as 2-weeks, active women who performed intense interval training experienced a 36-percent increase in the use of fat for fueling during exercise

High intensity interval training works so much better than steady state cardio is because it requires your metabolism is adapt. Sustaining a high level of intensity is demanding on your body. To keep up the pace, your body is forced to burn through fat. Even after the workout, energy use will be elevated for up to 24-hours!

Interval training is so effective because it taps into a specific fat burning  pathway. This style of exercise will burn a greater percentage of fat, enhance your body's production of enzymes involved in fat breakdown, and activate pathways that lead to muscle development. On the opposite end, steady-state aerobic cardio tends to burn more carbohydrates and degrade muscle.

Various types of sprints will improve your hormonal response, making for more belly fat loss. Sprint intervals and anaerobic exercise will improve your entire endocrine system. Anaerobic training increases your cells sensitivity to insulin and also elevates your body's growth hormone (GH) production! GH is a powerful fat burning hormone that helps your tissue recover and build muscle. Heavy sprints increase lactic acid production and place the body under stress, two components that directly enhance GH production!

Interval training workouts do not have to be complex, try the ones below!

  • Find a hill with a steady incline and run up it! Try to sprint up the hill, jog down and repeat for 8 - 16 sets. 

  • Simply jog the straight aways and sprint the turns of a track. Rest for a minute or two and repeat for 5 sets!

  • First pick a cardio machine of your choice. Next, you're going to move a a moderate pace for 12-seconds than sprint for 8 seconds, repeat for 1 minute. Rest for 1 minute than continue for 10 sets!