Lose Body Fat and Keep It Off For Good


More than 2 out of every 3 U.S. adults are either considered overweight or obese! So, how do we lose body fat and keep it off? Because, the problem that plagues most individuals is not losing the extra fat as much as it is gaining it back! Countless studies show that the majority of people who drop fat, tend to regain it (and some) within a few years. 

Here are 5 strategies that can help prevent rebound fat gain so that all your hard work doesn't go down the drain. 

#1: Strength Train

Strength training is notorious for building lean muscle and increasing your metabolic rate! It also has the added benefits of improved strength, coordination and body image. This has a huge payoff because when you feel better, you're much more likely to be active, resulting in more calories expended! 

#2: Perform Intervals Against Resistance

If you're familiar with The Gym of Avon's blog posts, you know by now the value of interval training. Not just any interval training though, choose ones that provide resistance! Multiple articles have identified that performing sprints against resistance will support muscle and sustain fat loss better than steady-state cardio. This is important because preserving muscle will keep your metabolic rate high and burnin up calories!

#3: Stop Counting Calories

Eat more...and lose more! Yes, you read that correctly, consuming more calories (to an extent) can actually help you shed more body fat. Low calorie diets will make your body do everything it can to preserve fuel stores, mainly by lowering your metabolic rate. If you're one of these "low-calorie" individuals, then it's time to stop counting and eat more! When your body senses its fuel stores are abundant, it will respond by improving hormone levels and increasing your metabolic rate.

Confused on how much to eat? The Gym of Avon trainers have extensive nutritional backgrounds. They can assist with structuring a nutritional plan that fits your specific profile!

#4: Prioritize Protein

Pretty much every blog we write about nutrition has some little blurb about PROTEIN in it. There's a reason for it, protein will help shed body fat and keep it off! First and foremost, protein is very satiating and will help reduce hunger cravings. Second, protein is the most costly food for your body to breakdown. You will raise your metabolic rate just by simply consuming protein! Lastly, eating protein spurs protein synthesis, which will preserve lean muscle tissue when paired with strength training. This is important because it will keep your metabolism high, burning calories all throughout the day!

#5: Be As Active As Possible

Whether it's strength training, outdoor sports or intervals, the main goal should be to just get out and move! This "move" principle becomes an issue when we heavily decrease calories. Scientists have revealed that when on a low calorie diet, we experience a shift in chemical messengers throughout the body that actually make us less active! This can be offset by making a conscious effort to be active and also setting up your environment to encourage activity!