Lifting Weights Makes You Bulky


If only the process of lifting weights was that simple, there would be a lot of happy men around the world! In reality, for an individual to gain significantmuscularity, proper nutrition and resistance training has to be in place. Now, in order to gain extraordinary amounts of bulk muscle tissue, unique genetics must be present and - in most cases - the use of anabolic steroids. 

Of course there are "genetic freaks" who become very muscular and lean without the use of steroids, or proper nutrition. But, let's be honest, do you really think there are any professional bodybuilders who don't use anabolic drugs?

This type of talk is not to discourage anyone from exercising. Nor are we trying to give off the notion that unless you're gifted and using steroids, you cannot achieve a lean, muscular body. What we are trying to articulate is that many factors must be in place in order to build muscular bulk! 

9 times out of 10 we get the same question from new trainees; "is all this weight training going to make me bulky?" The answer is no! Will resistance training, paired with proper nutrition help you build a strong, lean, athletic body? Absolutely! 

Mainstream media has given the general public a notion that everyone who lifts weights will look like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson or if you'd like a "J-Lo style butt", all thats needed is air squats. These claims couldn't be further from the truth. 

Resistance training will help you build lean muscle and strip unwanted body fat. Nutrition will direct whether you'll lose weight, maintain or add weight. As we stated above, there are many factors that have to be in place in order to achieve extraordinary results; proper nutrition, goal oriented training, exceptional genetics and in most cases steroids. 

For more than 70% of the population, eating clean, resistance training and consistency is more than enough to achieve the physique you desire. Don't worry about what the media says, focus on yourself and your goals! Happy training!