Life Hacks To Make You Slimmer, Sexier & Younger!


Slimmer in 12-weeks! 

Try Sprinkling the spice cumin onto your food or when you season meat. A study revealed that women who consumed 1-teaspoon of cumin daily lost 3-times more body fat in a 12-week period than women on a calorically equivalent diet, without cumin.

Joint pain? Simply sip it away! 

Green, black, and hibiscus teas are all naturally high in antioxidants. Aside from their many benefits, teas will also help win the war on inflammation!

Happier hour! 

Whether you're at home relaxing or out with some friends, drink red wine from Chile instead of France. Chilean wine is 40% higher than French red in antioxidants that destroy cancer-causing free radicals.

Perhaps the easiest weight loss hack of all time! 

By simply raising your daily fiber intake to 30 grams per day you can experience dramatic weight loss. People who gave this tip a try lost nearly as much weight as others did on a diet plan that restricted calories. 

This food will help you burn 200 extra calories per day. 

People who made an effort to get at least 25% of their daily calories from protein, burned 227 more calories than those with a smaller percentage. So, focus on building each meal around some form of protein and you'll find yourself on the right side!

Reduce your risk of stroke. 

Consuming two potassium-rich foods, such as bananas and sweet potatoes everyday can lower blood pressure, while also reducing your risk of stroke by 20%!

Sip yourself skinny.

Snacking can trip up even the best nutritional plans. Avoid these mid-meal pitfalls with a delicious smoothie. These high protein snacks are easy to make, while also increasing satiety and can bridge that gap between your major meals. 

Not ready for the gym yet? 

Some of us want to get in shape but just aren't ready to make the leap to a gym. Therefore, build-up your confidence by performing various bodyweight exercises like this 30-day push-up challenge created by Performing exercises that use your own bodyweight is a great way to expand your fitness level!

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Sweat it out! 

In contrast to saunas that produce heat or steam, infrared saunas produce infrared radiant heat. It's estimated that infrared saunas penetrate deeper inside the body and as such are superior for detoxification! This is a highly effective way to remove pollutants and xenoestrogens from the body. Book a 45-minute session online with Sacred Hour Wellness Spa to give this method a try. 

Short n' sweet. 

Once you've completed your warm-up, your workout should not exceed 60-minutes. If it does, you're making friends and not training! Workouts that exceed 60-minutes have been associated with decreased testosterone and increased cortisol. So, if your goal is to drop fat and build muscle, keep your sessions to 45-minutes.