Golf Fitness: Strength And Conditioning Program


Why condition for golf? The very simple reason is that golf is a highly athletic event! However, the average golfer tends to pick up the game in their later years. Around the age where he or she is no longer engaging in other energetic, competitive, or physically demanding sports.

"Hitting the links" is viewed by most as a game of technical skill rather than an athletic event, requiring less exertion than most sports. Unfortunately, this statement couldn't be further from the truth. For example, when driving a ball, amateur golfers achieve approximately 90% of their peak muscle activity. This equals the same intensity required to picking up a weight, that can only be lifted 4 times! Most of all, golfers fail to consider that they strike a ball 30 to 40 times on average, resulting in loads of physical stress. 

Now, in terms of exertion, this puts golf right next to sports such as football, hockey and even baseball. The difference is that other athletes outside of golf regularly include strength and conditioning as an integral part of their preparation. Golfers need to realize that they're playing an athletic game, and they too are athletes!

Four physical factors must be addressed in every golfers strength and conditioning program; flexibility, stability, strength and power. The program below encompasses these factors while improving key ball flight components such as; club face alignment, swing path, angle attack and speed. 

Golf specific training program -

Day 1: 

A1.Standing Single Arm Cable Press     1-3 sets | 8-12 reps | 1 min rest

A2.Multi-Directional Lunge                     1-3 sets | 3 each way | 1 min rest

B1.Standing Single Arm Cable Row       1-3 sets | 8-12 reps | 1 min rest

B2.Box Step Up                                            1-3 sets | 15 reps ea. | 1 min rest

C1.Standing Cable Wood Chop                1-3 sets | 10  reps ea. | 45 sec rest

C2.Standing Cable External Rotations  1-3 sets | 12 reps ea. | 45 sec rest

For Day 2 and more information on our Whole In One Golf Conditioning Program, set up a consultation.

Our training programs improve performance while also preventing and treating injury through the following principles:

1. Before addressing performance we take the time to correct underlying issues that may be causing dysfunction.

2. Through extensive stretching routines before and after training we're able to restore joint range of motion. 

3. Prior to addressing performance, our exercise programs focus on restoring flexibility and stability to the working joints and muscular system. Next comes strength, followed by power!