Five Strategies To Beat Holiday Weight Gain

There are a few tips and hacks you can employ to avoid the dreaded holiday weight gain! Below are 5 suggestions, approved by The Gym of Avon to help keep the pounds off while enjoying the holidays!

Alcohol Up, Carbs Down or Vice Versa:

This isn't an exception to go on a drinking rampage or a challenge to consume as many carbs as possible. Rather, it's a helpful suggestion based on the fact that we understand most individuals are going to have a few social drinks. 

First off, be conscious and try to limit alcohol and useless carb consumption as much as possible. As always, build your meals around healthy fats, proteins and veggies. If you're going to drink alcohol try to stick with organic red wine. 

If you choose to drink alcohol, try to consume as little carbohydrates as possible. On the other hand, if you decide to eat some heavy carbs, limit your alcohol intake. So, alcohol, veggies, protein and healthy fat or no alcohol, carbs, protein, veggies and healthy fats!

Interval Weight Training:

Interval weight training is a concept of exercise that combines weight training and cardio, done at a blistering pace!

We often use this form of training with many of our weight loss clients, however, the ratio greatly increases around this time of year. This style of training will elevate your metabolism both during and after the session, burning more calories!

Once again, this isn't an excuse to consume more, you can never out-train a crappy diet. Still try and watch yourself, have some fun and earn those extra calories in the gym!

Eat Until Your 80% Full, Not Dead:

This is a habit that should be followed year around, but its importance is magnified during the holidays.Just because food is still available, doesn't always mean you need to eat it.  

Before eating, drink a full glass of water, this is an easy way to take up some stomach space. From there you'll want to consume your veggies, next protein and finally any carbohydrates, if you've earned them!

Bottom-line, you want to avoid that usual post-holiday meal feeling. The feeling of being uncomfortably stuffed to the gills! 80% full is when you're just satisfied and no longer hungry. 

You won't know what 80% full feels like right away, just eat a little bit slower and a little bit less at each meal until you recognize that 80% mark!

Whoops, I Have A Gluten Intolerance:

Fib, and tell people that you're dealing with a gluten intolerance. This will get friends and family off your back about eating healthy! 

 Now, it will still take some discipline on your part to turn down all the gluten filled treats but once you lay the ground work it'll pay off! Sweets, treats, grains, condiments, alcohol and processed meats are all foods high in gluten. Avoiding these will go a long way towards minimizing your holiday weight gain.

Eat Before You Go:

Do the exact opposite when the hosting family member tells you to save your appetite! A trick that we often use to avoid holiday weight gain is to eat a large healthy meal prior to a holiday party. 

Even if it's consuming a hefty protein shake on the way over, you'll be better off heading in somewhat full. One of the worst mistakes people make around the holidays is to starve themselves prior to holiday meals. You'll head over with low blood sugar and trying to consume anything that will give you quick energy!

**Try implementing a few or all of these tricks to stave off the holiday weight gain!