Five Common Sense Cardio Training Rules


Believe it or not - for fat loss - cardio training is not your best option if you have limited time in the gym! 

If you only have around 2 to 3 times per week to get to the gym, intense weight training will always reign supreme. You will get the most calorie expenditure in andout of the gym by lifting weights!

On the other end, if you can get 3 to 4 times of gym time per week, cardio will be your key to fat loss! High intense cardio performed once or twice per week, combined with weight training is a top notch program!

There is a correct time to perform cardio.

If you're someone who likes to get all your training done in one session, always slot your cardio after you've completed your weightlifting. Putting cardio before weights, would hinder lifting performance, along with decreased fat burning effectiveness! Weight training releases fatty acids into your bloodstream and then the fatty acids are used for energy during cardio.

Cardio equipment such as; stationary bikes and recumbent bikes are basically useless. 

You want to use machines that put multiple body parts into motion. A TrueForm Runner treadmill, rowing machine, and versa-climber should be your preferred gym tools. These all allow for versatile training modalities, and you can either cruise along or ramp it up!

The absolute best form of fat burning cardio would have to be modified strongman training. 

The benefit of this training modality is that it elevates the metabolism and keeps it elevated for up to 36-hours! At The Gym of Avon we use movements such as; farmers carry's, sled pushes, yoke walks and various sandbag exercises. Modified strongman training allows you move in a truly functional and primal manner that traditional cardio machines can never do. Not to mention it is incredibly fun and challenging!

It is important to always adapt the training tool to your goal. 

What does this mean? If your goal is maximum muscle retention then HIIT training shouldn't be your biggest concern. Focus more on high volume weight training, paired with minimal rest periods. At most, cardio should consist of brisk walks on a treadmill or outdoors.

If a lean, athletic body is your goal then adding intense interval training can be a huge benefit! Use machines such as an Airdyne bikerowing machineConcept 2 Skiergor treadmillif this body type is your goal. 

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