Fat Burning Machine: Become One!


Toxicity impairs anything from doing multiple reps in the gym to fat burning efficiency. When toxins become trapped in our body, they can negatively effect your joints, liver and GI tract. Deficiencies in these areas make it difficult for us to absorb nutrients and exercise optimally.

World renowned strength coach; Charles Poliquin states that the best way clear the body of toxins is a seven day cleanse! However, with all the fads and gimmicks out today, how do you choose between all the cleanses out there?

By definition, a cleanse is a process that improves your body's ability to remove toxins. Many cleanses fail to accomplish this, only leading someone to "glorified colonic therapy"! Unlike many popular cleanses, this one involves more than just drinking lemon and cinnamon water fifty times per day. Cleanses should be simplistic and contain multiple components that heal the body.


1. Improve Your Gastrointestinal Health

Improving the function of these vital organs can be achieved through a few "simple" tasks. Start out by increasing your consumption of natural fiber. This includes; fruits, veggies, beans and seeds to name a few. Fiber has the ability to stop toxins from breaking free in the intestines and re-entering the bloodstream!

Eat plenty of probiotic foods to provide your gut with healthy bacteria. Yogurt, cultured dairy, sauerkraut and fermented veggies are all great choices!

Whether it be wheat, dairy or gluten, avoid foods you're intolerant of. Food intolerances are basically foods your body cannot digest. When your body cannot digest something it releases a protein that causes permeability in the cell lining of your intestines!

This seems extremely simple but chew your food! Aim to get at least 15 chews per bite of food. This starts the digestion process in your mouth, making it easier for your body to breakdown and absorb nutrients. 

Lastly, avoid processed foods, medication and alcohol. Our intestines can be thought of a the body's garbage disposal. The compounds listed above will created holes in your garbage disposal, releasing toxins back into your body's blood stream. 

2. Show Your Liver Some Love

Your liver carries out many important processes throughout the day including; 

  • Processing proteins, carbs and fats.

  • Converts waste products into compounds that can be safely eliminated from the body.

  • Cleans up anything that the GI tract might have missed.

  • Has the ability to heal and regenerate itself!

Through poor nutrition and toxic exposure, our liver can become overloaded. Here are some ways you can shed some love on it.

Build your diet around high quality proteins. Many individuals believe that the way to flush the body out is through lots of water and colorful juices. Not so fast, for proper elimination, waste products have to bind to an amino acid. This makes protein important for a "speedy elimination". 

Fruits and veggies that are deep in color provide the body with loads of phytonutrients. Kale, broccoli, blueberries and cherries provide high doses of antioxidants to take free radicals out of circulation.  

Load up on broccoli and other cruciferous veggies. All vegetables are great but this specific family is notorious for activating detoxification enzymes within the liver. These veggies also provide sulfurous compounds that help the body eliminate excess estrogens. 

Eat garlic! Garlic is considered a natural chelator, containing compounds that attach themselves to heavy metals and other toxins. Once attached, these chelators can lower your toxic load by removing both heavy metals and toxins from the body. 

Finally, round out your diet with healthy fats. These fats are found in salmon, grassed beef, nuts, seeds and avocados. Omega-3 fats promote the elimination of estrogens and also contain antioxidants. 

3. Use Supplements To Aid In Elimination

It's our hope that by now you understand that a proper detox involves adopting habits that promote healthy and effective elimination everyday! Weird complicated juices and secret potions are not necessary. However, if the first two steps are in order then supplementation can be added to support elimination is specific situations. 

Glutamine is an amino acid that should be included in everyones detox program. It is the primary building block in the intestinal lining and will seal the cellular wall, improving digestion and elimination. 

If you have low stomach acid your body won't be able to completely breakdown food. This is bad news because large food particles can wreak havoc in the intestines. To remedy this, try taking digestive enzymes to aid in the breakdown of food.

To wrap it up, drink plenty of water. Although water isn't a supplement, it's definitely worth mentioning. Adequate water is necessary for optimal digestion, gut and liver function. Ensure that your water is as clean as possible by getting it from a fresh spring. Much of our water today is contaminated through pesticides, animal treated hormones, PCBs and dangerous bacteria. 

Basically, fat gain can be caused by stress, toxins and malnutrition. A cleanse such as this deals with all those issues. Extreme cleanses are not something to just jump into, it's good to first get on a nutritional and supplement plan prior to beginning. Once you feel ready, consult a qualified trainer/practitioner who knows the components of this style of plan.

Trainers at The Gym of Avon are certified in this detoxification protocol. Stop by or email if you're ready to hit the reset button and clean up your system!