Athletes: Get Faster By Getting STRONGER.


Over the years sports continue to evolve, yet one thing stays the same...speed kills! Whatever the sport may be - football, basketball, baseball, tennis, soccer, etc. - speed is an advantage.

We're all born with certain strengths, however; proper strength training can and will increase speed. If you want to get faster, you need to be able to apply a lot of force into the ground while running - and you have to do it quickly!

Strength and movement mechanics (running form, speed ladders, etc.) are both important, but if you're not strong, you won't be able to generate the necessary force. At the same time, if your mechanics/coordination are crap, you won't be able to apply the force you've got! So, how can both power and quickness be improved?

First, a combination of heavy ground-based lifts for the lower body are essential...

  • Squat variations

  • Deadlift variations

  • Sled pushes + pulls

 Also, a great way to correct structural imbalances is to utilize single leg exercises.

  • Single-leg deadlifts

  • Single-leg squats

  • High box step-ups

 It is also important to train the body to use that newfound strength, which can be maximized through the use of power training. When done correctly, plyometrics and olympic lifts will greatly enhance speed. If speed is the main goal, opt for the faster "oly" lifts - snatches. The power clean is also a great option to help with getting strong and fast! When using these movements consult a strength and conditioning coach to learn proper form and program design! Happy training!