A Few Random Fitness Related Facts


Consider the number: 1. 

Reported by National Weight Control Registry, people who get in 1-hour of fitness per day were able to lose at least 30 pounds and keep it off for 5 plus years!

No such thing as "quick fixes", "miracle diets" or "weight loss crystals".

There are no shortcuts to achieving real, meaningful change. Sustainable body transformations come from overcoming challenges and putting in time and hard effort. Decide, commit and succeed!


To become "fit", it takes roughly 130-hours of diligent, hard work, according to Gym Jones manager Robert McDonald. This amount equates to training diligently, 1-hour per day, 5-days per week for 6 months. If you can stick to a plan like this, while also changing your behavior outside of the gym (sleep & nutrition), you'll be successful!

10-plus hours of sitting.

 The Mayo Clinic reports that sitting 10-hours per day (national average) cancels out at least 90 percent of a 60-minute workout! It has also been stated that sitting this excessively can negatively affect your life expectancy! Time to invest in a stand-up desk.

5-Hours Per Week.

This number is doable for anyone, even for extremely busy men and women who work 70-hours a week can succeed here. To shed some light, 5-hours per week equates to just about 3-percent of your week! Now, if you can't commit just 3-percent of your life to health and fitness, then you don't really want to improve. 

90% Rule.

Eat 90-percent healthy food, and leave the other 10-percent for anything else you'd like to eat! When individuals eat healthy 95-percent of the time, this doesn't leave enough room for enjoyment, causing them to fall of the wagon. On the other end, eating healthy only 80-percent of the time isn't enough and can hold you back from reaching your goals. 90 to 10 ratio is the sweet spot, allowing you to hit your goals while also relaxing a bit here and there.