5 Lifestyle Habits for Max Results in Minimum Time!



One of the biggest roadblocks that stand between trainees and their goals is consistency! The importance of being consistent is what makes building muscle and losing fat one of the hardest things around. You're pretty much working towards your goal 24/7 and if you're not doing something positive, then you're most likely doing something negative!

Our bodies are much more complex then we imagine. Internally, processes are constantly taking place and you're either in a state of growth (anabolic) or in a state of breaking down (catabolic). This is why the inconsistent trainee rarely succeeds. Here are two obvious areas where consistency is imperative...

  1. Your Diet- this, for many will arguable be the most challenging aspect of your transformation process. Sticking to a nutritional plan is difficult and if everyone could do it, we'd all be walking around with a 6-pack! Start slow by just focusing on consuming more protein, vegetables and healthy fats. Simply cutting your consumption of refined carbs will result in physical changes! Make these principles habit then, you and your trainer can map out exact calories, along with a macronutrient breakdown that will give you the results you desire!

  2. Your Training- hitting the gym for 2 weeks at a time - with 5 days off in between - will get you nowhere fast! The problem is that this is the typical routine for most gym-goers. You MIGHT experience some small gains at first, but those will soon come to a crashing halt! The truth is, our body does not want to be lean and muscular. We would rather be lazy, soft and comfortable! In order to change this, we have to put our body under consistent stress!


Drastically changing your physique is one of the most difficult challenges you will ever encounter. It will require round-the-clock attention, dedication and at times, selfishness! It's important to make a deal with yourself and others around you, that during this period of time you're going to prioritize yourself!

Now, this isn't an excuse to be an absolute dud, just make the decision that benefits you and your goal the most. Things such as; alcoholic beverages, heavy-rich food and desserts are all things that should be skipped! The main objective is to get to a point where you can cruise along, until the next time you'd like to step on the gas and improve your physique even more!


The beauty of employing a personal trainer is that they can remove the headaches of planning out your training and nutritional plan. If these two aspects of your transformation are off, it will be impossible to reach your goal.

This doesn't mean that every little detail has to be planned out for the next 3 months (even though that be great), but it does mean that living each day on the fly won't cut it.

Your gym time needs to be set into your schedule, bedtime must be regular and eating needs to be organized. Above all else your food needs preparing in advance. Finding yourself marooned without proper food and having to grab a sandwich on the go is a surefire way to failure.

Your best bet is to purchase some glass Tupperware, plan ahead and cook your meals a few days in advance. Unless you decide to stay ahead of the game, this process will be mildly inconvenient.


For body recomposition muscle is a must! The sad truth is that - unless you're super human - your body does notwant to add muscle! This is due to the fact that muscle is metabolically inefficient, meaning that it uses too much fuel (calories). Now, this is a major positive if you want to look great, however; it is not ideal for the feast-or-famine scenarios our DNA is programmed for! Your body will fight you tooth and nail every step of the way when trying to add lean tissue.

You're in luck though, with a proper training and nutrition plan, you will be able to steadily add muscle tissue while also dropping body fat. The more muscle you have, the better your body is at handling less than optimal food choices!


Lack of sleep can halt your progress dead in its tracks. It doesn't matter how hard you train or how smart you diet, without the right amount of sleep it will be very difficult to make significant to your body.

The goal should be to get between 6 to 8 hours of quality sleep per night. This duration is essential to achieve optimal health, hormones, performance and physical potential. Get less than 6 to 8 hours and you'll wreak havoc on your...

  • Testosterone production

  • Insulin production

  • Cortisol levels

  • Growth hormone production

Blackout the room, put the cell phone on silent and get comfy! Sleep is a non-negotiable key to every body transformation progress.