Workout Intensely For Enhanced Brain Power

A workout routine offers many positives; muscle growth, loss of body fat, more energy, etc. These “superficial” benefits are what attract most individuals to working out in first place, however; if you dig a little deeper there are a multitude of positives occurring beneath the surface.

A few studies in particular have shown that a workout based on high intense interval or even resistance training can lead to stronger connections between neurons in the brain (a cell that carries messages between the brain & other parts of the body).

This is very interesting because it can lead to better memory, sharping thinking and overall improved comprehension! The way this works is that during high intense exercise your body struggles to take in enough oxygen. Your body has a tough time using carbohydrates (glucose) for energy when there is an absence of oxygen. As a result we turn to blood lactate to drive our bodies and produce norepinephrine (a hormone/neurotransmitter that is released in the brain & excites our bodies).

Norepinephrine is a hormone that tells us to fight during the “fight or flight” stress response. When released in the brain there is almost an immediate effect on our neurons, making their connections more robust! Happy training!