Understanding Your Body Type And What To Eat


Eating whole foods in their natural state, drinking lots of water and filling in the gaps with correct supplementation, are things that everyone needs to do when striving to improve body composition. Once these habits are set in place, the next step is to make sure your body is getting the proper ratio of macronutrients(protein/carbs/fats).

The following information will discuss the three main body types; ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph, and their characteristics. No two people are the same and although matching yourself to one of the following body types is a good start, it’s not perfect. Also, it is rare to be strictly one type, a mixture of all three is more likely, begin picking one that fits you best, monitor results and make adjustments!

Body Type Categories:


BUILD: short upper body, long arms and legs, long and narrow feet and hands, and very little fat storage; narrowness in the chest and shoulder, with generally long, thin muscles.

TRAINING STYLE:first priority is to gain muscle mass. These individuals do not have the strength or endurance to perform long training sessions. Muscle growth will develop slowly and at times eating enough food will be a chore. Training programs should mirror these guidelines…

  • Include plenty of multi-joint/power moves in effort to build maximum mass. Programs should lean towards heavy weight and lower reps (6-8 rep range).

  • Focus on the muscle you’re working and learn to train with intensity. 14 – 16 sets per major body part will suffice and keep rest between sets longer for full recovery.

  • Make weight lifting a top priority and keep other activities to a minimum (aerobics: running, swimming & other sports). These activities will expend calories and make it harder to gain muscle.

NUTRITION: the thyroid dominant, fast metabolic rate, ectomorphs should strive for 18-20 calories per pound. Their macronutrient ratio breakdown should be 25% protein – 55% carbohydrates – 20% fat. Eating a high amount of whole food might not always be possible so be sure to use protein shakes.


BUILD: large chest long torso, solid muscle structure, and great strength.

TRAINING STYLE: these types find it relatively easy to gain muscle mass. Include variety and switch up routines so that the muscles have symmetry and are not just thick and bulky! Training programs should mirror these guidelines…

  • Begin routines with multi-joint/power exercises and finish with isolation movements. The muscles are well developed so smaller, iso exercises will build shape and detail.

  • With gaining muscle rather easily, these types worry little about conserving energy. Workouts can include 16-20 sets per major body part and rest periods can be short or long, whatever suits you.

NUTRITION: the testosterone and growth hormone dominant mesomorphs can consume around 16-18 calories per pound. Their macronutrient ratio breakdown can be; 30% protein – 40% carbohydrates – 30% fat.


BUILD: soft musculature, round face, short neck, wide hips, and heavy fat storage.

TRAINING STYLE: these types usually do not have a hard time building muscle, generally they are concerned with losing fat weight. Training programs should mirror these guidelines…

  • Focus more on high set, higher rep training (no lower than 10-12 rep range), and short rest periods. Performing a few extra sets of isolation exercises is a good idea.

  • Be sure to include 2 high intense aerobic sessions per week in conjunction with your weight lifting. Utilize basic HIIT routines or strongman circuits, lasting not longer than 25-30 minutes.

NUTRITION:the naturally broad and thick endomorphs will need to focus on getting 14-16 calories per pound. Due to their slower metabolic rate, a macronutrient ratio breakdown of 35% protein – 25% carbohydrates – 40% fat would suit them best.

Start with these guidelines, track progress and make adjustments when needed. As stated above, it is more likely that you will be a mixture of all three and will have to utilize many of the principles recently listed. If you feel stuck and have hit a plateau, contact us to be set up with a plan that fits you best!