Twelve Unique Ways To Lose Ten Pounds...Or More!

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If taken to a grocery store and asked to fill your basket with nutritious, health promoting foods, I’d bet that the majority of us could do it. We know all the cliches; “stay to the outside of the store”, “if it comes in a box, don’t eat it” or “if a caveman couldn’t eat it, you shouldn’t”!

This brings us to the question, “why are people eating so poorly”? Obviously, knowing and actually doing are two very different things! When it is time for “breakfast-on-the-go” or a “late night dinner”, are we making well thought out, healthy choices? When looked at closely, it seems that the decisions made during these moments have a lot to do with what and even who’s around us – “our environment”.

Research has shown that most of the decisions we make are automatic and based on patterns or as some say, “muscle memory”! Most of the time, instead of slowly thinking out choices, our brains work in a manner of a fast food restaurant. What is most appealing, fast drive thru and what combo meal gives us the most bang for our buck!? Our environment powerfully shapes our decisions, much more than most people realize. For instance…

  • Most of us will eat what we’re served

  • We eat more frequently when multi-tasking

  • Most of us continue the eating habits that we were raised on

  • Social and work environment can dictate what we consume

These are just a few of the many ways we come to the decision of what foods goes down the hatch! When most of us think of losing weight, we go to what the experts say rather than take a hard look at our surroundings such as; social or cultural environment, kitchen, grocery habits, daily routine and our friends!

Basically, when it comes to constructing a healthy eating plan two factors need to be accounted for…

  1. Make healthy behaviors more convenient

  2. Make unhealthy behaviors less convenient

Here is a short list of how we can change our environment and surround ourselves with healthy behaviors!

1. Keep ice cream, cookies and other sweets out of the house

Simply put, if it’s not in your cupboard, you’re a lot less likely to eat it. Work in favor of laziness and make it less convenient to reach for high calories – low nutrient foods. Rather, keep frozen mixed berries and plain (greek) or Icelandic yogurt for desserts!

2. Utilize a meal plan

Fail to plan, plan to fail! Don’t start every day as a blank canvas, not knowing what you’re going to eat. Success will come much easier making decisions in advance and working from a template. Every client at The Gym of Avon is provided with a superfoods checklist, helping you make the right choices in the kitchen and grocery store!

3. Do not go to the grocery store hungry

We’ve all done this before, bolted to the grocery store on an empty stomach and came out with random, impulse heavy foods! Don’t set your self up for failure, before you head to the store create a list. Know exactly what you need, get in and out with efficiency.

4. Keep chopped, ready to eat veggies stored in the fridge

This is non-negotiable, veggies are essential to getting lean and healthy, no way around it! Every 3-4 days pick a few of your favorite vegetables, dice them up and store them away with some oil/vinegar based dressing. If they’re front and center you’ll be more apt to eat them.

5. Schedule workouts like you would schedule meetings

Most of us have the intentions of working out, however; at the point of action is where we fail. Put the session in your calendar and make time for it (45 min is all you need) or better yet higher a personal trainer! You won’t skip things your paying for and it will increase accountability.

6. Have a picture that inspires you posted where you’ll always see it

Visualization and continually seeing your end goal goes along way toward staying on task and not drifting from the plan.

7. Stay away from carbohydrate laden foods unless you’ve earned them

Carbohydrates will mainly store themselves in three places once consumed; in the muscle tissue, liver and fat cells. If the liver and muscle tissue are full…then guess where it goes, yep the fat cells! Burn up some of carbohydrate stores through weight training.

8. Always have a super-shake ready

To avoid snacking in-between meals have a protein shake ready to go in the fridge. We tell our clients to make the shake while they’re cooking breakfast so it is ready to go when you need it. Staples for a healthy shake are; unsweetened almond milk, mixed berries, protein powder and a tablespoon or two of organic peanut butter! Drink half between breakfast and lunch, and the other a few hours before dinner.

9. Step counter

Research indicates that individuals who get at least 10,000 steps per day are considered active and have a much lower risk of heart disease and obesity! Families and friends have even purchased the fitbit or jawbone and made a game out of it! Who ever gets the most steps throughout the week wins!

10. Purchase a “mobile gym”

I’m not talking about spending thousands of dollars on weights, bars and benches, just a simple set of bands will do. Keep them in your car or travel bag and get a quick workout in whenever possible, you won’t even have to leave the comfort of your hotel room!

11. Find a local health food store

While at work, if you cannot pack a lunch or head home to make one, fine the nearest health food store. Whether it be Whole Foods, Earthfare or Mustarded Market, these grocery stores supply salad bars and pre-made meals that are much better choices than any fast food store.

12. Store food in glass containers

Plastics are toxic and promote xenoestrogens, which leech into food and once consumed promote estrogen dominance. Studies have shown that xenoestrogens bind to hormone receptors and can wreak havoc in the form of cancer, obesity, heart problems and behavioral issues! Play it save, store your food in glass!

There ya go! 12 tips, ready and waiting to be implemented!

Need help shaping your environment?

At The Gym of Avon we help men and women just like yourself lose fat, build muscle and improve their health! This is accomplished through daily coaching and positive reinforcement to correctly shape your environment. Start your transformation today by scheduling a free trial and a consultation!