Try This Simple Yet Delicious Mason Jar Salad


Mason jars come in handy for just about anything, storing dry foods, enjoying a protein shake or in this case, building the perfect mason jar salad! Yes, you heard right, leafy greens plus your favorite toppings all stuffed into a major jar!

The best style of jar to use is a quart size, this provides enough space for a quantity suitable for lunch or dinner. The next key to a great mason jar salad is the placement of your ingredients…

The dressing goes in first! This is important not to mess up because this will ensure your greens do not get soggy. Always try and opt for an oil/vinegar based dressing.

Next comes the protein! This will form a barrier between the dressing and the “delicates”. You can also choose to add a healthy grain such as quinoa to this section.

Toppings are next on the list! This section is reserved for such things are; nuts, tomatoes, carrots, radishes, olives, cabbage, etc.

Last in are the leafy greens! Keep the greens on the very top so they’ll stay dry and if you choose to dump the ingredients out, it’ll form into a perfect salad!