Train Like Your Ancestors To Achieve Optimal Health


“Cross-training” is the best term we have today that would describe the style of exercise our ancestors engaged in years ago. They built their bodies through activities such as brisk walking, jogging, sprinting after prey, carrying and lifting odd objects, digging, gathering food, constructing shelter and tools.

This is not a plea for us to abandon our current way of life in favor of going to live in the woods! However, our bodies tend to benefit from living more of a “Paleo” based lifestyle. The following our a few tips to get you headed in the right direction…

  • Perform “HIIT” (high intensity interval training) at least twice a week. This can be done through sprints, rowing, skiing or using an air dyne bike, like we do here at The Gym of Avon. Simply perform short high intense burst, followed by active recovery.

  • Lift heavy weight while working out. This will leads towards gains in strength and muscle tissue. When training this way the repetitions should be low, rest periods high and practice near perfect form! If this way of exercising is new to you, consult with a certified personal trainer.

  • Get outside! Our ancestors performed all their “exercise” exercise outdoors and studies have shown that outdoor exercise can lead to improved mood and vitamin D levels!

  • If you run or sprint, try doing it on natural surfaces. Getting off the pavement, treadmill or even track will lead to better longevity, stronger joints and increased core strength!

  • Avoid processed foods and build your diet around fresh veggies and fruit, organic meats and healthy fats!

There you have it! Happy training!