Tips To Make Low Carb Living Work For You!


The Gym of Avon has news for you: low fat, calorie restrictive dieting is the "flat-earth theory" of human nutrition! Whether you're searching for a practical weight loss program, simply want to eat better, or are already a committed low-carber looking for ways to make the lifestyle work for you, these 10 tips will help reveal secrets to sticking with a healthy, controlled carb program!

These tips are in no particular order, and focus on implementing one at-a-time. This method will give you a much better chance of committing to the new habit! Enjoy...

Drink Water!

Most of you are probably saying DUH! However, this tip is so crucial when it comes to fat loss that we're slapping it at the top of the list. With a low carb diet, water is essential in flushing out various waste products from the fat you're losing.

Truthfully, even if you're not on a low carb diet, water will help prevent constipation and optimize kidney and liver function. Eight glasses per day is the recommended minimum and usually not enough for most overweight individuals. 

Remember that the liver is the main fat-processing factory in the body, & if it's not working properly, neither is fat metabolism.

Water is also amazing at giving off the feeling of "fullness" and controlling cravings. Sipping on water throughout the day can work wonders for a more scheduled eating routine!

Protein For Breakfast

Breakfast needs to be considered as your most important meal because, it sets the tone for the rest of the day. Foods such as; cereals, oatmeal, fruit and granola will all spike insulin and force your body to store calories...usually in the form of fat!

Consuming protein (eggs or meat) - paired with some healthy fat (nuts, avocado, etc.) - will ensure a slow and steady release of insulin, never spiking your blood sugar. Starting your day off this way will make for sustained energy, better concentration and clearer thinking! All crucial for high performance in the weight room. 

Shop The Outside Aisles

This is a simple trick that never fails! Would you like to start reducing the number of calories you're eating from sugar, processed foods and overall junk carbohydrates? The answer is simple, step away from the inner aisles of the supermarket. 

Plainly put, all the good stuff is on the outskirts.

The periphery of the store contains all the fresh meats, veggies and fruits. The further in you go, the more boxed, processed foods you'll come across! Use this motto...if a caveman (or cavewoman) couldn't eat it, you shouldn't!

Purchase A Cookbook

We hear it often..."what can I eat" or "I'm bored of the same old choices". Our answer to that is cookbooks! There are literally dozens of amazing cookbooks and recipes out there for virtually every level of ability and interest in cooking.

Websites are also a great option when looking for interesting food options. Below you'll find a few cookbooks and websites that we love!



Expect Stalls & Plateaus

Everyone on the planet who has lost weight, has experienced these at one point or another. They're frustrating, but a natural part of weight loss. Rather than stressing, think of them as your body's way of "catching up" to the new lifestyle changes you're introducing. They can occur for a million different reasons (stay tuned for a blog on busting through plateaus!), but the important point is that they doand willoccur. Don't let this throw you off, just have faith in the process and keep working!

Replace Grains With Greens

Consuming grains isn't the worst thing, however; it won't exactly help you if your goal is to lose weight! For instance, grains contain little vitamin C, no vitamin A, and two of the major B-vitamin deficiency diseases are almost exclusively associated with excessive grain consumption.

Fiber - is usually added to grain products such as cereals and breads and in most cases can be gotten from vegetables and other sources. Though some people do alright with grains, if you've got a weight issue, you are probably not one of them. Your best bet is to get your carbs from vegetables, at least most of the time.

Carry Protein Rich Snacks

Forget the "quick hitters" from vending machines, airport kiosks and 7-eleven stores. It's important to start thinking of snack food in terms of real food, and start thinking of real food in terms ofproteinand fat. When you need a snack reach for protein shakes, nuts, string cheese, hard boiled eggs, jerky or sliced turkey wrapped in greens! If your particular plan allows it, you can add low glycemic fruit to the mix.

Eat Before You Shop

Ever go shopping when you're hungry? Yea...its a disaster! If you've done it you know what we're talking about, and how you can easily walk out with the most random foods. Anything and everything sounds good when you're starving. It's much better to go when you've eaten, when your choices won't be dictated by a growling stomach and a craving brain!

Eat Mixed Nuts, But Portion Them Out

Nuts are a great and healthy addition to a low-carb lifestyle, but they can also slow weight loss because they're easy to overeat and pack a hefty amount calories. If you're going to eat them make sure to divide them into portions and only eat them once throughout the day (for a snack or part of a major meal).

Use Green Drinks

Green drinks such as; Wellness GreensAmazing Grass and Greens + pack an incredible nutritional punch and usually have amazing phytonutrient and vitamin profile. Most are organic, very low in calories, sub 10 grams of carbs and are very alkalizing (which is necessary on a meat diet). It is even possible to purchase ones that are plain flavor and add a scoop to your protein shake.