Three Ways To Know Your Nutrition Plan Is Working


Sustained Energy…

A solid nutrition plan gives you energy. We’re talking about constant, sustained energy that lasts throughout the day. Not jolts that fade after a few hours until the next cup of coffee or 5-hour energy!

This energy will feel refreshing, accompanied by clear – unclouded thinking and motivation to perform physical activity. This feeling of increased energy can come from eating fresh, whole foods loaded with major vitamins and minerals!

Improved Sleep…

Fresh, whole foods contain large amounts of fiber, protein and healthy fats, which require more time and energy to digest and absorb. This keeps us satisfied longer and helps to stabilize blood sugar and various hormones required for a sound sleep! The low nutrient, processed carbohydrates that most of the U.S. is consuming does the opposite!

Excess body fat can make sleeping difficult due to issues such as heartburn, lack of mobility, sleep apnea and other obesity related problems. Balancing your energy intake (less calories in and more calories out) can lead to a drop in body fat and better sleep!

Consuming high quality protein can increase the production of melatonin (a hormone that helps control our sleep/wake cycle). Here’s how the process works; high quality protein is loaded with tryptophan, which an amino acid that's a precursor to serotonin. Serotonin is a chemical messenger that helps with mood stabilization and healthy sleeping patterns. Serotonin is then converted into melatonin, which encourages sleep!

Sizes Go Down & Clothes Feel Looser…Or Tighter…

We all known that muscle and bone are denser than body fat. An increase in lean muscle tissue often results in our bodies getting slightly heavier. A common theme is for the shoulders, chest and back to “sculpt” up, while the waist and hips shrink!

At times the scale will show no difference, however; clothes will fit looser and tighter in spots due to the fact that you’re adding muscle tissue while shedding body fat! The goal is shouldn’t just be to lose weight and end up lighter, yet with the same body fat to muscle tissue ratio.

Rather than just focusing on the scale number, it is more beneficial to measure body fat and girth measurements. The structure of muscle and bone are tightly packed and strong, while on the other hand; adipose tissue (body fat) is loosely packed and provides unlimited storage throughout the body! This is an issue because as we over-eat, our bodies will continue to grow!

Muscle and bone are 18-33% heavier than their counterpart body fat. Therefore, without even losing weight, we can start to look and feel better!