Ten Tips To Achieve Optimal Fat Loss


To achieve optimal fat loss, the essentials haven’t changed. Put in hard work, provide your body with the proper nutrition and train smart! However, thats not to say that there aren’t tips and tricks you can apply to expedite the process of getting lean! The following list reveals 10 tips – when paired with the above basics – will improve your results when striving to lose body fat!

1. Eliminate Processed Foods From Your Diet:

Man-made, processed foods are bad news. They are loaded with additives, preservatives & the ingredients list that mind as well be in a foreign language! Do your body a favor and eat foods in their natural state!

2. Increase Your Intake Of Protein Dense Foods:

Protein is a very thermogenic food and your body expends calories just by breaking it down. Start with 2.2 grams/Kg of bodyweight to promote lean tissue & protein synthesis!

3. Avoid Common Food Intolerances:

If your gut is in disarray (inflammation, bloating, bacterial imbalances), you’re going to have issues absorbing nutrients. We suggest trying to eliminate dairy, gluten, wheat, corn & soy for at least a month to see how you feel. After a month, add one of these foods back in to your diet, one month at a time. If you feel like shit…don’t eat it!

4. Eliminate Liquid Calories:

These type of calories are sneaky and come from sodas, sweetened drinks and even milk substitutes. To improve body composition, stop drinking sodas, sweetened teas, crystal light & sweetened almond/coconut milk. You mind as well just eat a tablespoon of sugar! Stick with lots of water, natural unsweetened tea & unsweetened almond/coconut milk!

5. Supplement With Vitamin D:

Low vitamin D levels are linked to greater fat mass in all ages. A study showed that women who supplemented with vitamin D for 12 weeks lost an average of 5 pounds! Getting the recommended 20 minutes (@10am-2pm) of sun per day can be difficult & even harder if you live in a state like Ohio. Take 1, 5,000IU soft-gel of vitamin D at the beginning of each week to up your levels!

6. Take a Probiotic:

The ratio of good bacteria to bad bacteria within your gut is very important. You of course want the “good” out-weighing the “bad”! The bacteria living in your gut regulates various bodily process such as fat storage & protein synthesis. Keep your gut healthy & bacteria ratios in check by supplementing with a probiotic!

7. Do not jog…SPRINT:

Would you rather look like a marathon runner or an olympic sprinter? To support muscle tissue and lose fat, perform sprints for cardio rather than long-steady-state jogging.

8. Strongman Circuits:

Short, intense, strongman circuits is another proven way to support muscle tissue and lose body fat. Movements – when properly taught – such as; tire flips, farmers carry, log presses and yoke walks are all great!

9. Control Insulin:

Insulin is the hormone of aging. It’s impossible to lose fat and gain muscle without controlling your blood sugar. Supplements such as; Fenuplex, GlucoReg & Carnitine Synergy 2.0 are all great for controlling insulin & dropping fat.

10. Take a Multivitamin:

One of the biggest limiting factors – things deterring you from achieving success – individuals experience in the U.S. is nutrient deficiencies. Even if you eat a diet high in fruits & veggies, you’re most likely still deficient in one or more vitamins/minerals. Supplement with a multivitamin to fill in the gaps and ensure your body isn’t lacking nutrients.

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