Six Behaviors To Achieve Your Fitness Goals!


Whether it be losing fat, building muscle or preparing a competition, setting effective fitness goals goes beyond simply "jotting" down a wish list. Changing your physique involves thoughtful work and understanding that it will be an ongoing process rather than a "quick-fix"!

To get you started on the right track, here are six steps that are basic yet crucial to setting achievable goals:

Step 1: Determine your goal, be specific and make sure the goal is measurable.

This one is at the top of the list for a reason, because it's the most important! Whether it's losing pounds, gaining muscle or lifting a certain amount weight, be specific and put a number down! Without knowing exactly where you want to go, you're basically making blind decisions.  

Step 2: Assess your starting physiology.

It's important to understand where you're coming from. Be honest with yourself, if you've been inactive for the past 5 years and your ultimate goal is to look like a supermodel, be prepared to put in some time!

Some obvious things to get down would be your weight, girth measurements, BMI (depending on how active you are) and possibly body fat measurements. In my opinion the more information the better your plan will be!

Step 3: What are you willing to do?

This is another step that requires you to be 100% honest. The answer to this step may force you to head back to #1 and pull an overhaul because you can't or you're not ready to fully commit yourself. Before heading down the rabbit hole make sure that understand what needs to be done both nutritionally and training wise.

Step 4: Determine what behaviors go with

Now that you've decided on your and commitment level, decide what needs to be done to be successful. Whether it be prepping your meals, drinking more water or revamping your diet, these are all things that a certified trainer can map out for you if need be. 

Step 5: Break your end goal down into small intermediate goals.

Big things have small beginnings. Constantly focusing on your overall goal of 25, 35 or hell 50lbs can become a daunting task. It's less stressful and more manageable to breakdown your overall goal into small monthly or weekly check-points. 

Step 6: Keep track and log your progress.

Whether it be yourself or your personal trainer it's imperative to track your progress! Tracking can be done through an app on your phone or just go old school with pen and paper. Regular tracking will let you know if your plan is working or adjustments need to be made!