Personal Trainer: Should You Hire One?


Hiring a skilled personal trainer can be one of the best decisions you make to reach your fitness goals.

Along with providing motivation and accountability, a personal trainer will also create individualized programs. Individualization will help to prevent injuries, build muscle, improve performance and lose fat!

There is no doubt that teaming up with an experienced trainer can increase your fitness success rate. According to a study published in the Journal of Sports Science & Medicine, people's chance of success increases by over 30% while working with a trainer. This study excluded group training, stating that direct one-on-one supervision had a huge effect on the outcomes.

Need more convincing? Below is a short list of why hiring a personal training might be just what you need!

Proper Knowledge & Instruction of Exercises

Knowing how to properly perform basic and complex exercises can prevent injuries and improve results exponentially. Having a good trainer watching over you will ensure that each exercise is done correctly.

Program Design

Program design is necessary for improving performance but also for reaching your body composition goals! Without correct exercise selection and pairing, results will be slow or non-existent and the potential for injury greatly increases. Program design is much more than taking a 12-week workout from your favorite fitness magazine. It takes education, thought, proper assessment of the client, experience and a slew of other variables!

Nutritional Guidance

Educated and experienced trainers understand the relationship between macronutrients (protein,fat, carbohydrates) and the desired results of their clients. Whether you’re an athlete or a mother of two, a knowledgable trainer can guide your nutritional choices! During a consultation, a trainer will figure out your personal nutritional needs and help you understand specific details. This small tweaks can have a huge impact on your quest to looking and feeling better!

Skipping Workouts

It's much easier to skip out on a session when working out on your own. Great personal trainers are able to tap into their clients mental and emotional needs. Motivation will stay sky high because trainers keep workouts fresh and challenging. Your personal trainer will take care of all the variables, letting you focus on self-discipline.


A main reasons that people fail to exercise and achieve their fitness goals is they claim there's no time! Hiring a personal trainer locks you in to a pre-determined time slot that you're paying for, increasing accountability. Setting an appointment will not only force you to show up but, also redirect your mindset! As a result, you'll continue down a path leading to your health goals, on even the most difficult days!

In conclusion, the above list is just a few good reasons off the top of my head! If you're currently in the hunt for a personal trainer, check out this link discussing what makes a good trainer. If your fitness has plateaued, a personal trainer might be just what you need. The first session is on us, schedule a free consultation with an accredited personal trainer now!